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IsraGuide 2014-2016 THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR THE RELIGIOUS TOURIST IN ISRAEL Navigate your way across Israel with this book of practical information and useful contact details. IsraGuide will show you where to stay what to see and where to eat during your visit 248 pp. 19.99 paperback 7032 The Parnassah Guide Edited by Chavi Mermelstein A comprehensive career guide designed specifically for the frum community. Up-to-date and easy-to-read it covers the full spectrum of education and career options for the frum community and is the ultimate resource for anyone planning his financial future. 308 pp. 15.99 paperback 7053 English-Yiddish Handbook Suitable for all ages this pock- et handbook includes useful words phrases and sentences for the beginner who is interested in acquiring the basics of the Yiddish language. 176 pp. 8.99 pocket paperback 5700 Hebrew-English Handbook A handy pocket guide for Israelis to learn to speak English. Features hundreds of words and phrases encountered in conversational English translated from Hebrew to English with transliteration in Hebrew letters for ease of pronunciation. 176 pp. 8.99 pocket paperback 6824 BECOME A MASTER OF HEBREW The Guide to Loshon Hakodesh 2 vols. Nachman Marcuson Learn Hebrew easily and rapidly with this convenient self-paced step-by-step guide. Especially designed to teach the fundamen- tals this series enables you to quickly build a basic vocabulary and understand the struc- ture and meaning of words along with the fundamentals of grammar. 170 pp. each Vol. 1 The Basics - 24.99 paperback 6936 Vol. 2 Hebrew Verbs - 24.99 paperback 6937 Now includes an answer key in each volume Ha-Yesod FUNDAMENTALS OF HEBREW Norman M. Bronznick Luba Uveeler A comprehensive step-by-step textbook teaching modern Hebrew language and gram- mar geared to the needs of the English speaking student. For use in the classroom as well as for anyone who wishes to teach himself. This revised and expanded edition includes Hebrew verbs in current usage 235 tables and a comprehen- sive index. 444 pp. 27.99 paperback 1734 A STANDARD FOR TWO GENERATIONS Osiyos Machkimos BEGINNERS HEBREW SCRIPT Chaya Leah Rothstein The proven method for learning the script let- ters of the aleph-beis. With ruled practice pages and step-by-step directions for forming letters. 88 pp. 9.99 paperback 2552 Aleph Beis Workbook Ruchie Geretz Educate your children and students the enjoyable and successful way with this beautiful exciting study aid for the teaching of the aleph-beis. workbook blue - 9.99 PB 1078 homework book red - 3.99 PB 1074 Kriyah Step-by-Step Esty Wolf and D. Pirutinsky Teaches skills crucial to reading visual discrimination sound-symbol relationships hand-eye coordination and reinforcement of letter recogni- tion through exciting activities. 160 pp. 14.99 paperback 1076 Osiyos Step-by-Step Esty Wolf and D. Pirutinsky Developes visual discrimination and sound-symbol relationship through pictures hand-eye coor- dination and proficiency in fol- lowing directions. 336 pp. 17.99 2-vol. set PB 4701 The Jewish Fact Finder A BOOKFUL OF IMPORTANT TORAH FACTS HANDY JEWISH INFORMATION Yaffa Ganz This Feldheim classic has been a treasure- house of basic Jewish information for decades. It contains everything from Torah to Talmud to Temple from prophets to plagues to prayers seasons and cities measurements and moun- tains and lots more designed to be available right at your fingertips. Guaranteed to inform enrich and stimulate this is an essential quick- reference guide for students young and old and for parents and teachers as well 120 pp. 12.99 hardcover 7204 Lashon HaKodesh HISTORY HOLINESS HEBREW Rabbi Reuven Chaim Klein This book seeks to understand the holiness of the Hebrew language following its history and focusing on the significance of Aramaic and other Jewish languages such as Yiddish and Ladino. An extended section is devoted to Modern Hebrew its controversies and its implications from a reli- gious perspective. 294 pp. Mosaica 24.99 hardcover 7122 NEWLY REVISEDNEWLY DESIGNED THE HISTORY OF THE HOLY LANGUAGE NEW 9Practical Guides Language Helpers Jerusalem Footsteps Through Time 10 TORAH STUDY TOURS OF THE OLD CITY Ahron Horovitz The words of Scripture will accom- pany you as this guide takes you in the footsteps of Avraham and the Akeidah down to the camp of David and the building of the Temple with King Solomon. Replete with beautiful full-color photographs maps detailed snap- shots of the history that surrounds each tour and drawings that keep you right on track. 356 pp. 19.99 compact PB 5146 TAKE THE TOUR OF A LIFETIME NEW DESIGN rs Catalog 2015-16 5776