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Let My Nation Wander THE JOURNEY IN THE WILDERNESS PART 1 Experience the Eirev Ravs provocations Miriams accu- sation against Moshe and her punishment the incident of the spies Korachs rebellion and more. Includes a comprehensive background of the building and inau- guration of the Mishkan travel preparations the pillars of clouds and fire and the Well of Miriam. 340 pp. 29.99 hardcover 6192 Let My Nation Ascend THE JOURNEY IN THE WILDERNESS PART 2 The saga continues as the Jewish people are faced with more trials and tribulations from the disappearance of Miriams Well serpents warring giants Bilam fighting Midian parting from Moshe and accepting Yehoshua as their new leader. 29.99 hardcover 6635 Let My Nation Descend THE STORY OF THE SALE OF YOSEF HIS ASCENDANCY TO POWER AND BNEI YISRAELS DESCENT INTO MITZRAYIM Take yourself back in time when Yaakov Avinu runs away from his wicked twin Esav only to end up in the hands of the trickster Lavan explore the dispute between Yosef and his brothers the sale of Yosef his sojourn in Egypt and his familys descent to Egypt lead- ing to the Nation of Israels enslavement. 535 pp. 29.99 hardcover 4869 Let Me Join Your Nation THE STORY OF RUTH FROM MOABITE PRINCESS TO MATRIARCH OF THE DAVIDIC DYNASTY The story of Ruth comes to life as never beforeElimelechs descent to Moav Naomis relationship with her daughters-in-law Ruths inspiring transformation from pagan princess to matriarch of the Davidic dynasty her mys- terious marriage to Boaz planting the seed of Mashiach. Weaves together teachings from Talmud Midrash and other classic sources to create an unparalleled reading and learn- ing experience. Includes Hebrew-English Megillas Ruth. 208 pp. 21.99 hardcover 6759 Let My Nation Be Warned THE STORY OF YONAH A RELUCTANT PROPHET ON A MISSION OF REPENTANCE Tells the story of Yonah in all its detail. Culled from Talmudic and Midrashic sources this volume highlights Hashems caring hand in the affairs of nations and in our daily lives as it delves into fundamen- tal issues of Jewish thought such as reward and punishment divine providence free will and repentance. Includes a Hebrew- English Book of Yonah. 139 pp. 16.99 hardcover 7054 Let My Nation Go THE EXODUS FROM EGYPTIAN BONDAGE Recounts the story of the Exodus through Midrashim illustrations and little-known facts. This narrative lets us witness the harsh decrees the miracle of the Ten Plagues and the thunderous splitting of the sea. 404 pp. 26.99 hardcover 2125 History comes alive in these Biblical novels based on Midrashic sources Rabbi Yosef Deutsch 5Bible Commentary Rabbi Yosef Deutsch Newest vols. in the series cover Megillas Ruth and the Book of Yonah Catalog 2015-16 5776