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The Choice to Be A JEWISH PATH TO SELF SPIRITUALITY Jeremy Kagan Explores the intellectual issues of those transitioning from an informed secular perspective to a Torah world- view. Issues discussed mitzvah obser- vance existence of evil free will sci- entific vision vs. faith in the Torah. 24.99 hardcover 6212 Lehavin ULehaskil A GUIDE TO TORAH HASHKOFOH QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ON JUDAISM Rabbi Mordechai Katz Answers the basic questions of a con- temporary Jew in a clear forthright and satisfying manner. Perfect for those seeking meaning in life through a Torah outlook. 156 pp. 5.99 paperback 6136 The Ishmaelite Exile Rabbi Yechiel Weitzman The Jewish peoples relationship with the nation of Ishmael and spiritual sources for the conflicts between the two. Addresses the End of Days the different scenarios that can occur and how we can be best prepared for these momentous times. 238 pp. 21.99 paperback 4307 NEW - ISSUE NUMBER 5 Jew Got Questions Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff This ideal starting point for all things Jewish address- es 100s of questions about Jewish life and practice from the Jewish life cycle and year to love dating and marriage from Torah mitzvot kashrut the Messiah Prophecy and Israel to evolution the eso- teric the afterlife plus your own purpose in living this current life. 320 pp. 22.99 hardcover 7065 14.99 paperback 7066 JUDAISMAT YOUR FINGERTIPS Beyond a Reasonable Doubt CONVINCING EVIDENCE OF THE TRUTHS OF JUDAISM R Shmuel Waldman Discusses the evidence of the existence of a Creator the Divine origin of the Torah life after death and Divine guid- ance in Jewish history. 275 pp. 22.99 paperback 6644 Outreach Ed. - 16.99 PB 3696 Masterplan Rabbi Aryeh Carmell reveals Judaism as a program of mitzvot encompassing all aspects of lifepersonal growth interpersonal and family relationships commerce industry government and environmentand how it is eminently relevant to our contemporary concerns. 424 pp. 14.99 pocket hardcover 2447 Twenty-Six Reasons Why Jews Dont Believe In Jesus Asher Norman Provides Jews with the information necessary to refute missionaries and reasons against conversion and inter- marriage while demonstrating the pro- fundity of Torah Judaism. 24.95 paperback 4412 Elucidated Tomer Devorah LEARNING COMPASSION THROUGH HASHEMS 13 ATTRIBUTES OF MERCY Rabbi Shmuel Meir Riachi Each of the 13 Attributes of Divine Mercy is presented with the analysis of Rabbi Moshe Cordeveros original text followed by illumi- nating stories background information and examples from Tanach to help us apply these profound traits to our present reality. 288 pp. 24.99 hardcover 7202 RABBI MOSHE CORDEVERO Winner of the 2011 National Jewish BOOK AWARD for Modern Jewish Thought Experience Dialogue for Torah Issues and Ideas AUTUMN 57752014 Since 2011 Dialogue has provided a platform for an intelligent Torah-oriented discussion of important contemporary issues and ideas by writers who are both steeped in Torah knowledge and commit- ted exclusively to its val- ues. 197 pp. 9.99 paperback 7121 20 Hashkafah Jewish Thought Kiruv Basic Judaism Sefer Zos Brisi CHIZUK AND GUIDANCE IN MATTERS OF KEDUSHAH Rabbi Shimon Finkelmans groundbreaking work for teenage boys and men deals with a topic that is crucial to our spiritual growth maintaining our purity in thought word and action. The thousands of copies sold of the Hebrew version bear witness to how its con- tents are of great benefit to all. 224 pp. 12.99 HC 7128 Hebrew - 12.00 HC 7181 THE CHALLENGES THE TESTS THE BATTLE NEWNEW How Free Will Works THE BLUEPRINTS TO TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE HEALTH AND HAPPINESS Dovid Lieberman PH.D Discover the cosmic network of forces that operate in creation such as Divine providence mazal and prayer and learn how free will inter- sects with and impacts on these forces which give us the practical and near-magical ability to control the quality of our lives. 335 pp. 19.99 hardcover 7127 9.99 paperback 7127 FROM THE AUTHOR OF REAL POWER NEW NEW Seek Peace Pursue It Dovid Lieberman PhD Blends Torah wisdom with psycho- logical principles offering a system to reduce friction and enhance the most challenging relationships. 19.95 hardcover 5477 Real Power RISE ABOVE YOUR NATURE AND NEVER FEEL ANGRY ANXIOUS OR INSECURE AGAIN Dovid Lieberman PhD Shows how to create a positive and permanent shift in the quality of your life. 154 pp. 12.95 paperback 5419 FFeldheim Publishers