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You Owe it to Yourself KEYS TO A HAPPY MARRIAGE Atara Malach Torah-true advice that will guide your marriage. Find out how to understand your spouse and how better understanding can increase your marital harmony. 332 pp. 25.99 hardcover 3293 Dear Kallah A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR THE NEW BRIDE Malka Kaganoff Advice for brides-to-be and newly- weds from Torah sources and the authors own experience. 112 pp. 10.99 pocket hardcover 1477 The River the Kettle and the Bird THE TORAH GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE Rabbi Aharon Feldman The River the Kettle and the Bird sym- bolize three possible levels of peaceful relationships in marriage. This world acclaimed bestseller utilizes classic Torah concepts to gain startling insights into the human psyche and to propose fundamental guidelines to achieve a joyous marriage and life. 154 pp. 20.99 hardcover 2753 Why Marry Jewish Doron Kornbluth Written to help Jewish singles of all backgroundsandaffiliationsthisbook asserts that marrying Jewish should be a prime concern and an important way to ensure a happy long-lasting marriage. 181 pp. Mosaica 17.99 paperback 3714 Wonder of Becoming You HOW A JEWISH GIRL GROWS UP Dr. Miriam Grossman A sensitive explanation of the bodys changes and how Jewish tradition views related matters. 80 pp. 15.99 hardcover 3240 A Hedge of Roses JEWISH INSIGHTS INTO MARRIAGE AND MARRIED LIFE This bestselling classic by renowned lecturer and educator Rabbi Norman Lamm presents in brief form the psy- chology and philosophy of the laws of Jewish family purity. 108 pp. 9.99 pocket PB 1750 Finding Keeping Your Soul Mate THE SHMUZ ON BITACHON Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier The shadchan says So tell me what youre looking for Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier wants you to think differently this book will totally change the way you look for your bashert. 252 pp. 14.95 hardcover 6638 9.99 paperback 6637 A Mashgiachs Guide to Shidduchim Rabbi Mordechai Dolinsky This valuable down-to-earth book provides insights and advice to dating offering practical guidance and Torah wisdom. 170 pp. 12.95 hardcover 6969 Ma-zel Tov YOURE MARRIED NOW WHAT Esther Gross Hands-on profound guidance cou- pled with captivating telling pho- tographs will awaken the heart and soul of newlyweds and those wanting to renew their commitment to their beloved with open communication mutual trust and generosity. 72 pp. 9.99 pocket hardcover 6945 Jewish Women Speak About Jewish Matters edited by Doron Sarah T. Kornbluth Essays illuminating different issues affecting Jewish women of today. Topics include women in the work- place spirituality the Biblical view of women and more. 180 pp. 13.99 paperback 1916 What You Need to Know About Marriage Rabbi Nachum Diamant A noted mashgiach in Bnei Brak who consults with Gedolim pulls no punches discussing the most com- mon marital issues as well as raising children and conducting shidduchim. 25.99 hardcover 6199 Laws for Women Ben Ish Hai Rabbi Yosef Chayim translated by Moshe Schapiro A compendium of laws special prayers religious perspective constructive criti- cism wisdom and code of behavior for women of all ages. Also covers a wide range of topics regarding the Jewish home and family life. 47 pp. 24.99 hardcover 5977 Daughter of Israel Rabbi Dr. Kalman Kahana translated by Rabbi L. Oschry An authoritative work on the laws of family purity according to the rul- ings of the Chazon Ish. With facing Hebrew and English text. 136 pp. 18.99 hardcover 1455 Rose of the Valley Rabbi Rahamim Shaul Sultan A beautifully presented compilation of the laws of family purity accord- ing to the Sephardic tradition. This leatherbound book is sure to be cher- ished and valued by every Sephardic woman and bride. 326 pp. 27.99 hardcover 2759 I Thought It Would Be Different Dr. Miriam Adahan T.E. Klein An important guide to help one deal with one of the most difficult of all peoplethe abusive personality whether its a family member or friend. 255 pp. Jerusalem Publications 21.99 hardcover 6907 Siach Shoshanim TAHARAS HAMISHPACHA A WOMANS HANDBOOK Rabbi Zvi Elimelech Rokeach Covers the intricate halachos of Taharas Hamishpacha presenting Hilchos Nidda in a manner in which every woman can understand. Complete with pho- tographs and tefillos. 58 pp. 9.99 paperback 5624 24 The Jewish Woman Marriage Modesty and Family Purity Books by Gila Manolson The Magic Touch Clarifies shemiras negia one of the least understood areas of Jewish law. 110 pp. OutsideInside Addresses the subject of modesty providing insight and inspiration for all. 104 pp. Head to Heart What to know before dating and marriage. Discusses personal growth introspection true love and Jewish Law so you can be ready to meet your intended. 176 pp. Choosing to Love Shows how despite the medias growing impact on self-image Jewish wisdom and spirituality can help us reclaim the ability to love another and ourselves. 179 pp. Magic Touch - 14.99 paperback 2291 OutsideInside - 14.99 paperback 2573 Head to Heart - 15.99 paperback 3433 Choosing to Love - 15.99 paperback 5680 Modesty Day by Day HALACHOS ATTITUDES CONCERN- ING TZNIYUS FOR DAILY STUDY Rabbi Pesach Eliyahu Falk A new edition of the popular work on the laws of tzeniyus divided into daily sections provides insights and practical advice on all aspects of dress and behavior. 2-volumes 32.99 hardcover 5701 FFeldheim Publishers