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31Biography Jewish Leadership All for the Boss A TORAH PIONEER IN AMERICA Ruchoma Shain R Yaakov Yosef Hermans strength and determination to uphold the strict standards of Orthodox Judaism and spread Torah. A daughters loving biography. With photos. 464 pp. 28.99 hardcover 1081 To Remain a Jew THE LIFE OF RAV YITZCHAK ZILBER by his son R Ben Tzion Zilber Read the bestselling story of Rav Zilber and others like him who lived through the persecutions of Soviet Russia. An incredible story of the struggle for Torah and mitzvah observance behind the Iron Curtain. 509 pp. 27.99 hardcover 5171 Reb Boruch Ber R Chaim S. Rosenthal The story of R Boruch Dov Leibowitz a Torah giant author of Birkas Shmuel Rosh Yeshivas Knesses Beis Yitzchak of Kamenetz and the primary disciple of Rav Chaim Soloveitchik ztl. 656 pp. 29.99 hardcover 5395 The Satmar Rebbe THE LIFE AND TIMES OF RABBEINU YOEL TEITELBAUM R Chaim Moshe Stauber This intimate personal memoir writ- ten by the Rebbes close talmid is replete with fascinating biographical sketches and photographs. 344 pp. 26.99 hardcover 5984 For the Love of Torah STORIES AND INSIGHTS OF RAV NOSSON ZVI FINKEL ZTL Rabbi Hanoch Teller The inspiring tale of how the all-Amer- ican from Chicago rose to become the Rosh Yeshivah of the largest yeshivah of contemporary times. 312 pp. 24.99 hardcover 6445 The Zehlemer Rov R LEVI YITZCHOK GRUNWALD ZTL Akiva Aaronson The story the illustrious Zehlemer Rov scion to a family of Torah schol- ars and leadersrabbi rosh yeshi- vah mentor community leader and pioneer in the spiritual wilderness of post-war America. 304 pp. 24.99 hardcover 7109 A Fire in His Soul IRVING M. BUNIM AND HIS IMPACT ON AMERICAN ORTHODOX JEWRY Amos Bunim Irving Bunim is a legend a man who built American Torah Jewry in the wake of the Holocaust. This is the story of one mans burning desire to see the Jewish people thrive and flourish. 536 pp. 29.99 hardcover 1560 Rav Meir Shapiro A Blaze in the Darkening Gloom Rabbi Yehoshua Baumol hyd Here is the fascinating biography of Rav Meir Shapiro ztl founder of Daf Yomi and his dynamic impetus for a plan to ensure the continuity of Torah commit- ment. 408 pp. 22.99 hardcover 1224 A Tzaddik in Our Time THE LIFE OF RABBI ARYEH LEVIN Simcha Raz A classic revised and updat- ed for a new generation. With his signature smile and warm handshake Reb Aryeh as he was affectionately called brought love and light to all. Undeterred by danger and despite terrible personal trag- edies he tended to prisoners on death row lepers and the downtrodden. 512 pp. 28.99 hardcover 3174 Legacy of Maran Reb Aharon Kotler THE QUALITIES TEACHINGS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE VENERABLE ROSH HAYESHIVA Rabbi Yitzchok Dershowitz This new edition contains 60 more pages including addition- al biographical information on Rav Aharons wife Rebbetzin Chana Perel Kotler ah his son Rav Shneur Kotler ztl and the Mashgiach R Nosson Wachtfogel ztl. 650 pp. 24.99 hardcover 4217 The Brisker Rav Vol. 4 THE LIFE TIMES OF MARAN HAGAON HARAV YITZCHOK ZEEV HALEVI SOLOVEICHIK ZTL Shimon Yosef Mellers fourth and final volume of this monumental series spans the years from 1956 up until the Brisker Ravs passing in 1959. In addition to chap- ters depicting his greatness in Torah and his leadership qualities much is written to portray his extensive efforts toward upholding traditional Torah values. 720 pp. 28.99 hardcover 7188 Learning To Live AN UNFORGETTABLE SPIRITUAL PORTRAIT OF THE POSEK HADOR Rav Tzvi Weissfish Learning to Live will draw you into the holy life and trea- sured teachings of Maran Harav Elyashiv ztl. With over 650 soul-stirring pages of firsthand accounts profound insights powerful messages hanhagos anecdotes stories and life lessons this is truly a sefer kodesh to savor and cherish. 655 pp. 24.99 hardcover 7191 The Gadol Hador AN INSIDE GLIMPSE OF MARAN HAGAON HARAV YOSEF SHALOM ELYASHIV ZTL A compilation of true stories about Rav Elyashivs life writ- ten by Binyomin Kirschner an American ben bayis in Rav Elyashivs home. With the encouragement of many prom- inent rabbanim the author records what he and others close to the rav saw and heard weaving together an accurate intimate look into the life of Rav Elyashiv. 352 pp. 24.99 hardcover 7098 INSPIRING 38-YEAR CLASSICNEW EDITION WITH ADDED MATERIAL THE FOURTH AND FINAL VOLUME INSPIRING STORIES AND HANHAGOSMARAN HARAV ELYASHIV ZTL As Long as I Live THE LIFE STORY OF AHARON MARGALIT Moshe Gutman By age seven Aharon Margalit had already suffered a terrible trauma which rendered him mute and was lying in a san- itarium completely paralyzed by polio. This is a man who meets tragedy with perfect calm who has fought cancer three times and with a pos- itive assertive spirit that bog- gles the mind. See what it can do for you 508 pp. 29.99 HC 6444 Spanish Ed. - 32.99 HC 7018 AN INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER Catalog 2015-16 5776 NEW NEW EDITION NEW VOLUME Gedolei Yisroel Portraits of Majesty Photographer Mattis Goldbergs second photo album of the great AshkenazicSephardicandChassidic Rabbis of our time is now available for the whole family to enjoy Each collection is accompanied by the story behind the picture. 280 pp. 36.99 extra-large format HC 7016 rs