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The Linear Chumash Rabbi Pesach Goldberg Translates the Hebrew Pentateuch text word-for-word line-for-line in clear English that conveys the exact meaning according to Rashis interpretation. 21.99 each hardcover Maharal Emerging Patterns 10 ESSAYS CULLED FROM THE WORKS OF R YEHUDAH LOEW OF PRAGUE Yaakov Rosenblatt Glimpse into the thought of the Maharal whose vast work is the foun- dation of much of Jewish thought today. Subjects include Exodus Sinai Haggadah Hallel and more. 167 pp. 17.99 hardcover 2297 Glimpses of Light Megillas Esther Rabbi Yehudah Steinberg extracts the underlying messages hidden in the Purim story. Presents the words of our Sages parables and anecdotes while applying lessons of the Megillah to our lives through the hashgachah pratis in the Purim story. 416 pp. 22.99 hardcover 6984 From the Wisdom of Mishl Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch Eye-opening essays on selected Proverbs organized according to subject matter. Eminently relevant to contemporary Jewish life. 260 pp. 13.99 hardcover 1600 The Mishkan Treasury THE TABERNACLE AND ITS VESSELS THEIR DESIGN AND INNER MEANING R Menachem Makover An archive of information regarding the Mishkan its vessels and its inner essence. It presents the reader with an organized succinct and comprehensive description of the Mishkan accompa- nied by three-dimensional computerized illustrations. 27.99 hardcover 7062 Whats Bothering Rashi Avigdor Bonchek Meet the intellectual and spiritual challenge of under- standing Rashis Torah commentary. A valuable aid to comprehending the analyt- ical logic that lies behind Rashis interpretation. 5-volumes Esther Bereishis - 19.99 3218 Shemos - 21.99 3219 Vayikra - 22.99 3220 Bemidbar - 26.99 3221 Devarim - 26.99 3563 Esther - 24.99 4039 The Tools Method of Torah Investigation Rabbi Jonathan Taub Why are Yaakovs mortal enemies Lavan and Esav named after colors This book uses their lives as a backdrop to lay out a classic yet modern meth- od for the study of Torah. This enjoyable detective story will forever change the way we learn. 256 pp. Mosaica 23.99hardcover 7183 THE TABERNACLE AND ITS VESSELS ENTER RASHIS BEIS MIDRASHCHANGE THE WAY YOU LEARN FOREVER Vehaarev Na 1 2 HALACHIC CHALLENGES SOLUTIONS BASED ON THE WEEKLY PARASHAH compiled by Rabbi Erez Chazani From Volume 2 A minyan of exactly ten men discovers that all of them need to say Kaddish with no one left to answer Amen. What should they do A gentile undercover policeman dresses as a Jew to guard a shul. May he put on tefillin to complete the disguise Gavriel fell asleep reading a Torah pamphlet on Shabbos and when he awoke had backwards letters printed on his forehead. Can he wash them off Based on the bestselling Hebrew edition this sefer tackles unique and complex hala- chic issues that arise from amazing true scenarios. Every Shabbos you can present a chal- lenge to your family to spark lively halachic discussion and then reveal the Ravs solution. Volume Two features over a hun- dred more pages of fascinating halachic challenges and stories. At Home With Torah ENTHRALLING TRUE STORIES AND ANECDOTES BASED ON THE PARSHA Rabbi Avrohom Leitner Full of deep lessons penetrating insights entertaining stories and the delicious taste of the pleasure of Torah. In this inspirational volume readers will whet their appetites for more and more. 388 pp. Mosaica 24.99 hardcover 7229 LESSONS INSIGHTS STORIES Malbim on Mishley translated by Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg and Charles Wengrov Classic 19th-century commentary of Rabbi Meir Leibush Malbim. Hebrew text with English translation. 328 pp. 11.99 pocket hardcover 2309 The Navi Journey Rabbi Ilan Ginian This series delves into the breadth and depth of the Prophets presenting us with the historical events as explained by our Sages leaving us with vital and timeless messages. Kol MeHeichal Megillas Rus - 17.99 HC 6789 Shmuel I - 24.99 HC 7051 Sefer Yonah - 19.99 HC 5709 6 Bible Commentary and Parashah Books NEW VOLUME 2 NEW NEW from the shiurim of Rabbi Yitzchak Zilberstein Vol. 1 454 pp. - 25.99 6922 Vol. 2 592 pp. - 27.99 7203 son-in-law of HaRav Elyashiv ztl FFeldheim Publishers