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41Junior Division Ages 9 - 12 Rabbi Chaim Walder Real Kids 1-2 CHILDREN WRITE ABOUT THEIR LIVES In these pages forty boys and girls share their biggest moments the worst and the best the scariest and the sweetest. As they tell their stories they reveal their private thoughts and feelings feelings that many readers may share. Best of all they teach us what theyve learned from their experiences. 22.99 each hardcover vol. 1 - 200 pp. 4765 vol. 2 - 200 pp. 5444 Thats Me Tzviki Green My name is Tzviki Green. Im the boy you heard about concerning the scary story of the hostages in the Jerusalem supermarket. The story itself is true but some of the reports were exaggerated... Meet Tzviki Green a courageous boy from Israel uprooted from his comfortable familiar home and transplanted to the frightening newness of America. Join Tzviki as he struggles and suc- ceeds in many difficult challenges. 334 pp. 22.99 hardcover 3176 Kids Speak 1-8 CHILDREN TALK ABOUT THEMSELVES Author and educator Chaim Walder opens a window into the world of children and youth shedding light on the depths of their feelings and inner struggles. The Kids Speak series features a collection of stories by children describing their personal problems their fears and their unusual experiences. HIGHLIGHTS FROM VOLUME 8 Itamar has a problem. A big one. Everyone suspects him of being a thief. He has to prove his innocence but whats better a tattletale... or a thief Talyas new friend is some- times warm and kind and sometimes a snob who totally ignores her. Aryeh has a photographic memo- ry. He never dreamed how useful this talent could be until one day Esti has built the biggest snowman in Tzefas inspiring amazementand jealousy. 22.99 each vol. 1 - 2029 vol. 2 - 2031 vol. 3 - 2033 vol. 4 - 2035 vol. 5 - 4311 vol. 6 - 5983 vol. 7 - 6928 vol. 8 - 7201 Our Heroes 1-2 KIDS FOLLOW IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE PAST In this series that entertains and inspires kids will learn from the tzaddikim and Torah sages who set examples for us throughout the generations. Through first-person accounts of children who behaved with good middos and nobility of spir- it acting in similar ways to those spiritual giants Our Heroes shows how every single girl and boy can be a hero simply by following in the foot- steps of our past. 22.99 each hardcover vol. 1 - 200 pp. 2569 vol. 2 - 248 pp. 4060 illustrated by Yoni Gerstein Devora Berzon Books by Chaim Walder NEW Catalog 2015-16 5776