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Seeds and Sprouts TRUE STORIES OF REMARKABLE JEWISH WOMEN Peri Kaff Filled with powerful lessons and beauti- ful insights about Jewish heroines from around the world it will warm the readers heart. 344 pp. Bnos Melachim 26.99 hardcover 7096 Hand in Hand with Hashem GIVING BIRTH WITH SERENITY Nechama Epstein Provides women with the necessary tools to prepare for childbirth by learning about the stages of labor as a first step to a calmer more in control experience. 240 pp. 22.99 hardcover 7068 Nefesh Chaya THE UNIQUE AVODAS HASHEM OF THE JEWISH WOMAN R Shimshon Dovid Pincus A combination of profound hashka- fah gentle humor and illuminating insight that truly conveys to the Jewish woman her unique role in the service of her Creator. 439 pp. 27.99 hardcover 6744 25The Jewish Woman Hashkafah Childbirth FOCUS DIRECTION MEANING AND JOY LET A LITTLE LAUGHTER IN HEAR THE RHYTHM OF THE JEWISH YEAR RABBI BARUCH MICHAL FINKELSTEIN PROFOUND YET PRACTICAL IDEAS YOU CAN GROW FROM THE INSIDE OUT Turn Around 180 DEGREES IN 180 DAYS Orit Esther Riter Life can be hard sometimes. What does Hashem want from us He wants us to believe in and trust Him. In short He wants us to have emunah. This book provides a step-by- step daily emunah program for the soul. In 180 days we can turn around our lives and begin to believe and trust in G-d. 404 pp. Mosaica 24.99 hardcover 7168 Its OK to Laugh. Seriously A SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVE Gitty Stolik The world needs more simcha. Can we not only maintain but actually increase our hap- piness amidst lifes swirling challenges This book shows the answer is a resounding Yes We can become happier by inviting humor and its co-conspirator laughter into our lives 245 pp. Mosaica 21.99 hardcover 7230 Forever in Awe THE ESSENCE AND LESSONS OF THE JEWISH YEAR Do you get so caught up in Yom Tov prep- arations that youre are left with precious little energy to delve into its true meaning and significance Rachel Weisss timeless stories and essays will inspire you to strive to grow as you follow the rhythm of the entire year 351 pp. 24.99 hardcover 7209 Dancing Through Life A BOOK FOR THE JEWISH WOMAN A heartwarming and spiritually uplifting collection of essays for women. Elana Mira Mizrahi draws on her own daily trials and lessons mixed with the teachings of our sages to produce profound writing com- bined with practical ideas that are sure to inspire Jewish women in all stages of life. 324 pp. 19.99 hardcover 7160 From the InsideOut INTERNAL GROWTH. ETERNAL IMPACT. Sara Weissman With insight and guidance gleaned from an extensive list of Torah sources InsideOut offers a mussar-based approach to personal develop- ment and avodas hamiddos. Share these princi- ples with your peers students and children and invite them to experience how empower- ing it is to realize their potential. 260 pp. 14.99 paperback 7228 NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW BShaah Tovah The Jewish womans clinical and halachic guide to pregnancy and childbirth. Includes clinical info diagrams photos of fetal development prenatal care nutrition exercises Lamaze hala- chos of childbirth bris and more. 344 pp. Delivery From Darkness A Jewish guide to prevention and treatment of postpartum depression. Includes person- al accounts anecdotes and multiple treatment approaches. 210 pp. Bshaah Tovah - 31.99 hardcover 1252 Delivery From Darkness - 21.99 hardcover 5696 rs Catalog 2015-16 5776