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THE HISTORY OF TSEFAT A UNIQUE HISTORICAL VIEW OF THE LAND Mystical City of Tsefat Dovid Rossof Discover Tsefats vibrant history from her mysterious roots to the present day. The golden era of 16th-centu- ry Tsefat comes alive when Torah giants like Rav Yosef Karo and the holy Arizal made their abiding contri- butions to the revealed and mystical Torah indelible pathways to guide all future generations. 24.99 hardcover 2771 Purim the Persian Empire A HISTORICAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND GEOGRAPHICAL PERSPECTIVE Rabbi Yehuda Landy History archaeology and geogra- phy intersect here with a fascinating account of the people places and cultures preceding and during the Purim story 144 pp. 34.99 large format HC 5501 2000 Years of Jewish History Rabbi Chaim Schloss Written from a Torah perspec- tive covering Jewish history from the Destruction of the 2nd Temple through modern times. Includes dia- grams maps and timelines. 329 pp. 29.99 large-format HC 3548 Student Workbook - 7.99 3958 Dor LDor Timeline Ephraim Waxman A year-by-year graphic timeline of Jewish history from creation to pres- ent. Includes Jewish and secular dat- ing systems yovel and shemitah cycles famous personalities and renowned events. 60 sturdy accordion pages. English - 45.99 HC 4378 Hebrew - 44.99 HC 4379 Trails of Triumph 1 2 THE MIRACULOUS STORIES OF EIGHT YOUNG MEN Rabbi Dov Eliach These riveting firsthand accounts of yeshiva students of yesteryear vividly portray life in the yeshivos of Eastern Europe and and how it prepared them to face the physical and spiritual chal- lenges of WWII and beyond. 29.99 each HC Vol. 1 - 5960 Vol. 2 - 7023 33Jewish History Rebels in the Holy Land MAZKERET BATYA A BATTLEGROUND FOR THE SOUL OF ISRAEL Sam Finkel The story of a determined band of Russian Jewish farmers who arrived in Palestine in 1882 to build a Jewish agricultural colony as a model for future refugees fleeing persecution. 24.99 hardcover 6710 Where Heaven Touches Earth JERUSALEM FROM MEDIEVAL TIMES TO THE PRESENT Dovid Rossoff paints a panorama of Jerusalem in all her glory from medi- eval times and the era of the Crusaders through the poverty-stricken Jewish com- munities of the last centuries ending with a look at Jerusalem today. 650 pp. 54.99 hardcover 3223 The Challenge of Jewish History THE BIBLE THE GREEKS AND THE MISSING 168 YEARS In presenting fresh and startling astronomi- cal mathematical and archaeological evidence Rabbi Alexander Hool has charted new ground in his quest to find the solution to historical gap of roughly 200 years. 256 pp. Mosaica 29.99 hardcover 7123 A Stone Speaks THE VOICE OF THE KOTEL Israel Rubin In this original easy-to-read and informative book one of the stones of the Wall speaks to us recounting stories nuggets of history and inspirational vignettes that together form the tapestry of the Kotel. The history of the Wall becomes our story. The story of the Wall is the story of our People and our lives. 256 pp. 24.95 hardcover 7115 People of the Book 500 YEARS OF THE HEBREW BOOK FROM THE BEGINNING OF PRINTING UNTIL THE 20TH CENTURY Akiva Aaronson takes us on a journey back to the invention of the printing press and through five hundred years of Hebrew printing from the earliest products of fif- teenth-century printers to those of modern times. With full-color photos. 231 pp. 39.99 large-format hardcover 6964 FRESH LOOK ON A CONTROVERSIAL TOPIC THE STORY OF THE WALL THE BOOK OF JEWISH BOOKS NEW NEW BACK IN PRINT Jerusalem Footsteps Through Time 10 TORAH STUDY TOURS OF THE OLD CITY Ahron Horovitz The words of Scripture will accom- pany you as this guide takes you in the footsteps of Avraham and the Akeidah down to the camp of David and the building of the Temple with King Solomon. Replete with beau- tiful full-color photographs maps detailed snapshots of the history that surrounds each tour and drawings that keep you right on track. 356 pp. 19.99 compact PB 5146 TAKE THE TOUR OF A LIFETIME This Land Is My Land HISTORY CONFLICT AND HOPE IN THE LAND OF ISRAEL Chaim Kramer This contemporary work views the Promised Land through a truly unique historical lens using the lessons of the Bible Talmud and Kabbalah as expounded in the teachings of Rebbe Nachman to discov- er genuine non-political solu- tions to Israels plight and the possibility for a true and lasting peace. 388 pp. 22.99 hardcover 6890 Catalog 2015-16 5776