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The Illustrated Mishnayoth Shabbath translated by R Daniel Haberman illustrated by Yoni Gerstein With accurate illustrations and the commentary of the Bartenura in both Hebrew and English. 664 pp. 30.99 hardcover 3500 Ascent to Greatness THE ATTITUDES AND PROCESS OF BECOMING A BEN TORAH Rabbi Avrohom Yaakov Rodkin A motivational and scholarly work on the importance of Torah study and how Torah is the ultimate tool to elevate the human being and bring him closer to Hashem. 264 pp. 24.99 hardcover 6935 Alshich on Avos Rabbis Avie Gold Nahum Spirn The great early commentator Rabbi Moshe Alshich reveals Pirkei Avos underlying structure and meaning while emphasizing the moral and religious lessons to be derived from each Mishnah. 406 pp. 19.99 hardcover 7024 The Hirsch Pirkei Avos CHAPTERS OF THE FATHERS Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch This thoroughly revised edition of Rav Hirschs translation and com- mentary to Pirkei Avos opens this immortal work to a new generation of English-speaking Jewry. 180 pp. 17.99 hardcover 1322 Chullin Illuminated Rabbi Yaakov Dovid Lach Clearly labeled photos elucidate the words of the Talmud along with expla- nation and commentary in English providing a detailed understanding of each organ membrane bone and tendon discussed in the Gemara and Shulchan Aruch. 272 pp. English - 38.99 hardcover 3789 Hebrew - 34.99 hardcover 5970 Aiding Talmud Study Rabbi Aryeh Carmell Explains key Aramaic words phrases Talmudic Aramaic grammar and abbre- viations. With Rav Shmuel ha-Naggids Introduction to the Talmud in English tables of Talmudic weights and measures and five fold-out charts. 92 pp. 14.99 paperback 1066 Understanding the Talmud Rabbi Yitzchak Feigenbaum A systematic guide to Talmudic structure and methodology. Explains many key words phrases and structures in the Gemara showing what they represent how they are used textually and logically and what questions a student should ask when he sees them. 122 pp. 25.99 hardcover 3184 DICTIONARY OF TALMUD BAVLI Therefore What A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO GEMARA STUDY Eliezer Cohen A first of its kind step-by- step Gemara guide for the beginner. The book takes the reader by the hand and explains the concepts and principles needed to suc- ceed in understanding any Gemara. Written in easy-to- understand language and based on the method taught by the Steipler Gaon ztl. 214 pp. 24.99 hardcover 7135 THE BEGINNER GEMARA GUIDE NEW Self-Esteem in the Talmud THE PATHWAY TO SELF-CONFIDENCE AND RESILIENCE Open the way towards achieving your maxi- mum potential and purpose in life. Based on the teachings of Harav Moshe Shapiro shli- ta Rabbi Yisroel Roll presents a step-by-step program derived from the Talmud to help you build a unique sense of self and a personal pathway in avodas Hashem. 320 pp. 24.99 hardcover 7256 Why Do I Need to Learn Gemara How does its study create a close relationship with Hashem What value is there if it doesnt lead to immediate practical application Why did Hashem give the Sages the power to decide what the halachah is in His Divine Torah Chaim Rosenblatt reveals the answers to these questions and more as he invigorates your enthusiasm for Gemara study. 208 pp. 19.99 hardcover 7244 Aggadah Sages Stories Secrets KEYS TO DEEPER MORE MEANINGFUL EFFECTIVE JEWISH LIVING Aggadah comprise the sayings and stories dealing with Torah outlook ethics and values teaching us how a Jew should view G-d life mitzvos the world people around him and himself. Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein helps uncover the depth and profundity of these ideas. 266 pp. Mosaica 24.99 hardcover 7182 BELIEVE IN YOURSELFFULFILL YOUR ROLEGEMARAS CENTRAL ROLE IN JUDAISM AUTHOR OF THE HAGGADAH EXPERIENCE NEWNEW NEW 8 Mishnah Talmud Ethics from Sinai Irving M. Bunim A classic work culled from classical commentaries on Pirkei Avos with lively and relevant anecdotes from contemporary life. Includes entire Pirkei Avos text in both Hebrew and English. 3-volume set. 1200 pp. 44.99 pocket HC boxed 3506 Aramaic-Hebrew-English Dictionary R Ezra Zion Melamed Aramaic terms presented alphabetically in the form in which they appear in the Talmud so that there is no need to be an expert in Aramaic in order to be able to find the root as with other dictionaries. 592 pp. Aramaic-Hebrew-English Dictionary 32.99 hardcover 4045 Milon-Arami-Ivri 33.00 hardcover 2405 FFeldheim Publishers