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NEW ONE-VOLUME EDITION Bedikas HaMazon LAWS AND PRACTICAL METHODS FOR CHECKING FOODS Rav Moshe Vaye A groundbreaking guide about insect infestation in food. Includes both the pertinent halachos of kashrus and checking procedures. With hundreds of full-color photos. 360 pp. 24.99 hardcover 6809 Commerce and Shabbos THE LAWS OF SHABBOS AS THEY APPLY TO TODAYS HI-TECH BUSINESS WORLD Rabbi Yosef Y. Kushner Online auctions e-commerce web- sites malls business between time zones are among the topics dis- cussed in this work. 432 pp. 24.99 hardcover 6934 A Practical Guide to the Mitzvah of Shiluach HaKan Naftali Weinberger Features diagrams photographs and complete footnotes. Read about the mitzvahs special rewards of long life as well as fertility miracles shid- duchim and other salvations. 314 pp. 26.99 hardcover 4520 Making It Work A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO HALACHA IN THE WORKPLACE Ari Wasserman provides a blend of halachah mussar hashkafah and true stories covering the most common issues faced in the workplace including attending business meetings in traif restaurants shaking hands with the opposite gen- der wearing a kippa personal use of office sup- plies davening on the job reporting wrongdo- ing socializing attending company parties mak- ing a kiddush Hashem yichud and much more. TBA hardcover Concise Chafetz Chaim Concise Ahavas Chesed A-PAGE-A-DAY Rabbi Asher Wasserman With these concise guides you can master the relevant laws of proper speech and the laws of kindness and charity in just minutes a day. New pocket edition with benching. 158 pp. Concise Chafetz Chaim - 15.99 hardcover 4744 Concise Chafetz Chaim - 9.99 pocket HC 6760 Concise Ahavas Chesed - TBA hardcover 7259 TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS HALACHOS OF THE CHAFETZ CHAIM NEW Madrich LChevra Hatzalah R Mechel Handler The halachos one needs to know for making split-second decisions regarding medical emergencies. Including guide- lines for pikuach nefesh and minimizing issurim on Shabbos as well as delinea- tions for how to handle a niftar and a 103-page Hebrew section. 327 pp. 24.99 paperback 4787 11Halachah Jewish Law The Pocket Halacha Series Rabbi Avi Wiesenfeld Practical halachic guidance in a handy pock- et format. Each law is presented in a ques- tion answer format and includes extensive Hebrew sources and footnotes. Perfect for learning review on the go. 70 pp. each 3.99 each pocket paperback Children on Shabbos - 7251 Chol Hamoed - 7213 Haircuts - 7247 Yichud - 7248 In the Succah - 7214 Tzedakah Maaser - 7238 Berachos 1 Shinui Makom - 7250 Berachos 2 Ikar VeTafel - 7249 GREAT LEARNING IN SMALL PACKAGES NEW Daily Monthly Halachah Discussion Rabbi Doniel Y. Neustadt For individual use study groups family settings and teachers The Halachah Discussion series presents rel- evant halachic issues in clear lucid language and is accom- panied by extensive English sources as well as a beiurei halachah section in Hebrew. Daily Halachah Discussion - 430 pp. 13.99 pocket hardcover 4556 Monthly Halachah Discussion - 376 pp. 27.99 hardcover 2434 THE HALACHAH DISCUSSION SERIES Kashrus in the Kitchen Question Answer Rabbi Avi Wiesenfeld This question-and-answer guide to the halachos of meat and milk puts the answers to your kashrus questions at your fingertips. Now in its 3rd printing. 240 pp. 24.99 hardcover 4949 NEW EDITION NEW Tefillin Making the Connection Rabbi Yisroel Ehrman A concise introductory guide to the basic laws of tefillin. Presents these laws through illustrations color photos clear explanations and inspiring tales. Now includes Chabad customs. 64 pp. 14.99 hardcover 3065 Halachos for the Traveler Rabbi Donneal Epstein Among the many aspects of travel discussed in this practical vital book are prayer times crossing the interna- tional date line airline food kashrus issues abroad Shabbos observance on the road and Yom Tov in Israel for the Diaspora Jew. 240 pp. 7.99 pocket paperback 1714 Shaarei Halachah THE LAWS FOR JEWISH LIVING Rabbi Zeev Greenwald An easy-to-read summary of Jewish law based on the Mishnah Berurah. Among the many topics included are prayer tzitzis and tefillin blessings the Sabbath Festivals and special days and dietary laws. 448 pp. 27.99 hardcover 2862 The Jewish Kitchen EXPANDED ONE-VOLUME EDITION Rabbi Moshe Eliyohu Klugman Based on the pesakim of Harav Yaakov Ephraim Forchheimer shlita The Jewish Kitchen is a treasure trove of informa- tion designed to educate the Jewish homemaker of all the halachos pertaining to kashrus in the kitchen and tevilas keil- im. 170 pp. 17.99hardcover 7143 Catalog 2015-16 5776