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YOUNG READERS Wordwatch A SHEMIRAS HALASHON LESSON-A-DAY FOR TEENS Aliza Goldin Sari Margolis Complete with daily halachos inspira- tional thoughts and tips and hilarious teen-toons Wordwatch will help you your mouth and your ears in so many ways. 170 pp. 17.99 hardcover 6684 4242 Junior Division Ages 9 - 12 NEW VOLUME 2 AS SEEN IN MISHPACHA MAGAZINE Uncle Yossis Big Book of Stories 2 Rabbi Yosef Goldsteins inspirational and educational tales drawn from Midrash Talmud and Jewish lore. These beloved stories instill a love of Hashem the Torah and the Jewish people. 200 pp. 16.95 hardcover 7045 Naftali in the Beis HaMikdash 4 vols. Rabbi Yaakov Meir Strauss Four books that follow a young boys adventures during the time of the Beis Hamikdash. Experience and learn about Pesach Yom Kippur the Omer and Lechem HaPanim in ancient Jerusalem. 3 Special Days - 21.99 HC 3687 7 Special Weeks - 25.99 HC 4220 1 Special Prayer - 23.99 HC 4594 Kings Special Loaves - 23.99 HC 5158 Its a Kids World After All vol. 8 Don Melechs fascinating collection of short stories sprinkled with deep educational messages and beautifully woven into tales that touch the heart and soul. Rubinstein Vol. 8 - 22.99 HC 6040 Special Youth Editions Fascinating biographies adapted from the adult edi- tions for children to learn from and enjoy. All for the Boss tells stories from the life of the authors father R Yaakov Yosef Herman in early America. Reb Aryeh inspired from the classic A Tzaddik in Our Time relates stories of the Jerusalem tzaddik Reb Aryeh Levin. The Chafetz Chaim by Shulamit Ezrachi follows the life of a true Gadol in vivid detail with firsthand accounts pictures and anecdotes. All for the Boss by Ruchoma Shain tells stories from the life of R Yaakov Yosef Herman in early America. Reb Aryeh 170 pp. - 15.99 HC 2738 All for the Boss 125 pp. - 15.99 HC 4216 The Chafetz Chaim 240 pp. - 19.99 HC 5881 Mystery in Spain Devorah Rosen translated by Rivka Tal This action-packed novel joins the lives of Motti a 21st-century boy and brothers Marco and Juan from 15th- century Spain. Danger mystery brav- ery and friendship youll find it all in these suspenseful pages 250 pp. 12.99 hardcover 5078 R Mendel Wheels Deals Learn how to fly a carcopter find out how 2 goldfish and a four-year-old boy save someones life and more. 200 pp. R Mendel The Big Win Whether its Yatiramba in Tel Chatzir three parakeets and their flock of trouble or faith in Hashem rewarded with one step its a sure bet you wont stop until the very last page. 172 pp. Nathan Sternfelds Rebbe Mendel Series Secret of the Red Pearl Discover how a mysterious red pearl finds its way to a Haifa maritime museum and what the connection is between 20 elephants and Parashas Vayeishev. 229 pp. A Home on the Hill Find out how Miklush an 11-year-old war orphan solves the mystery of the boat thieves who stole a pygmy elephant and how he secretly helps boys in his class have a better place to live. 170 pp. In Search of Lost Treasure Set in the turmoil of World War I and the Russian Revolution this novel takes you across the globe from St. Petersburg to Petach Tikvah. 259 pp. 21.99 each HC Wheels - 5444 Big Win - 7090 Red Pearl - 4108 Home - 4238 Search - 6652 NEW VOLUME 2 One Step at a Time A Whale of a Time AND MORE STORIES FOR THINKING KIDS With a natural under- standing of children and how they think author Rachel Stein does it again in A Whale of a Time following One Step at a Time which help kids find their inner strength through true-to-life stories of challenge and achieve- ment. 174 pp. Whale of a Time - 15.99 HC 7141 Whale of a Time - 15.99 HC 7141 NEW VOLUME Rav Elyashiv STORIES FROM HIS LIFE Sarah Leon brings us more than just a biography. She takes us into Rav Elyashivs world of dedication to and love of Hashem and His Torah. Read these stories and be inspired. 288 pp. Jerusalem Publications 24.99 hardcover 6972 The Light of Torah Miriam Golshevsky The small apartment where Rav Elyashiv spent his years learning Torah served as a lighthouse to the whole world influ- encing every corner of the globe. Learn from the way he lived and bring some of his light into your life. 207 pp. 14.99 hardcover 7050 Learning Curve Sara Raziel Ilana Pollack Brilliant Yehudis is the class genius pestered for help before every test. But is her brain all that anyone can see in her A novel of self-awareness and friendship that will entertain as it captivates all the way to its surprising conclusion. 215 pp. 16.99 hardcover 6959 Picture This A PHOTO JOURNAL IN ERETZ YISRAEL OF HOLY TIMES HOLY WORK HOLY PLACES Can you picture a moving sunrise prayer at the Mearas HaMachpeilah ...the excite- ment and joy of Lag BaOmer in Meron ...amazing feats of Jewish juggling Renowned photojournalist Esther Tscholkowskys colorful photo essays will recharge your soul with uplifting sights and images from the Holyland. 105 pp. 22.99 large format hardcover 7060 FFeldheim Publishers