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At the Amud A HALACHIC GUIDE FOR THE SHALIACH TZIBBUR Rabbi Yaakov Gordon At the Amud is a guide for both the aspiring and vet- eran chazan in leading the prayer service. This compre- hensive sefer covers the laws and customs of shaliach tzi- bbur with special empha- sis on one who is in mourn- ing and the recital of kaddish. Includes extensive notes and source material. 280 pp. 21.99 hardcover 7119 LAWS FOR THE PRAYER LEADER GUIDE TO SHABBOS OBSERVANCE Shemirath Shabbath Rav Yehoshua Y. Neuwirth translated by W. Grangewood The complete English edition of the classic authoritative work on the laws of Shabbos from a renowned halachic authority. All aspects of Shabbath observance are addressed and delineated with contemporary practical applications. 1576 pp. 3-volume set. 74.99 gift-boxed set hardcover 2852 Laws of Cooking - 11.99 paperback 2098 Encyclopedia of Jewish Medical Ethics Avraham Steinberg M.D. A compilation of Jewish medical law on all topics of medical interest from the Torah Talmud Codes and Responsa to the most current decisions with a concise medical and his- torical background and a comprehensive com- parative analysis of rele- vant ethical approaches. 3-volume set. 1169 pp. 150 hardcover gift boxed 3859 FOR EVERY JEWISH PHYSICIAN Rabbi Yisroel Pinchos Bodner Halachah Series Rabbi Shimon D. Eider Halachah Series Halachos of Brochos A detailed understanding of the blessings we recite over all foods and beverages. Includes the Brochos Handbook a listing of the fore- and after-blessings for over 700 foods. 688 pp. 32.99 hardcover 1682 Halachos of Muktza An extensive work on muktza those objects forbidden to be moved on Shabbos. Based on the Mishnah Berurah and the rulings of R Moshe Feinstein and other poskim. 336 pp. 27.99 hardcover 1718 Halachos of Kzayis Actual-size full-color photos of over 175 foods enable the reader to match his food to the picture to determine the amount to eat in order to make an after-blessing. 148 pp. English edition - 22.99 hardcover 1709 Hebrew edition - 22.00 paperback 5231 Halachos of Other Peoples Money Topics include borrowing without permis- sion keeping money or merchandise sent in error and the timely payment of wages and rentals. 256 pp. 26.99 hardcover 3721 Halachos of Refuah on Shabbos How to keep Shabbos while handling ail- ments and medical emergencies through prac- tical examples contemporary rulings and step-by-step explanations. Includes a listing of illnesses their treatments and what you can do on Shabbos and Yom Tov. 430 pp. 30.99 hardcover 4694 Brochos Handbook 8.99 paperback 3683 Halachos of Shabbos The laws of Shabbos first 11 melachos with con- temporary rulings sources footnotes. 480 pp. 27.99 hardcover 1815 Halachos of Pesach A detailed Passover guide from the month of Nisan to the Seder itself. Includes the laws of Chol ha-Moed and Sefiras ha-Omer. 496 pp. 29.99 hardcover 1800 Halachos of Chanukah A clear presentation of the laws and customs of Chanukah. One-volume edition. 64 pp. 14.99 hardcover 1738 Halachos of Niddah A comprehensive study of the concepts and applications of family purity. 424 pp. 26.99 hardcover 1778 Halachos of the 3 Weeks Also includes the prohibitions restrictions and prayers of the fast of Tishah BAv. 40 pp. 8.99 paperback 1824 Halachos of Tefillin STUDENT ED. Clear concise and comprehensive guide to all pertinent halachos of tefillin. 224 pp. 19.99 hardcover 1820 14.99 paperback 1822 10 Halachah Jewish Law NEW FFeldheim Publishers