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Feldheim Haggados Tekufas HaShanah Series Avrohom Reit Teka BeShofar is an illustrated step-by-step manual to purchasing and blowing shofar from selecting to good posture and breathing to per- fecting every distinctive shofar sound. 132 pp. Lekicha Tama is a complete do-it-yourself guide to buying Arba Minim. Relevant halachos accom- panied by beautiful color photos. 166 pp. Zeh Kaporosi is a new guide to the minhag of kaparos with sources for the scholar practical suggestions and tips for the practitioner and inspiring explanations for the beginner. 163 pp. Teka BeShofar - 16.99 paperback 4881 Lekicha Tama - 19.99 hardcover 6145 Zeh Kaporosi - 22.50 hardcover 6923 Katz Passover Haggadah THE ART OF FAITH AND REDEMPTION Rabbi Baruch Chait illustrated by Gadi Pollack E. Markovich The Exodus comes alive through powerful artwork that portrays the story through the lens of Chazal and Midrash. 120 pp. 26.99 hardcover 3682 Hebrew - 26.99 HC 4998 The Heritage Haggadah Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov ztl Includes a detailed section on prepa- ration for the Seder the laws and customs for the night traditional and original commentary on the Hag- gadah and extensive midrashim that bring the miracles of the Exodus to your Seder. 432 pp. 27.99 hardcover 1758 Palace Gates Haggadah PARABLES AND STORIES FOR THE PESACH SEDER Rabbi Shalom Meir Wallach Presents a collection of scores of par- ables told by renowned Torah lumi- naries and spiritual leaders whose inspiring words render the haggadah text even more meaningful. 214 pp. 22.99 hardcover 2583 The Hirsch Haggadah R Samson Raphael Hirsch compiled by Mordechai Breuer translated by K. Paritzky R L. Oschry The haggadah with Hirschs incisive commentaries on its Scriptural and Midrashic elements and his most bril- liant essays on Pesach themes and on the fundamentals of Judaism. 292 pp. 21.99 compact HC 1770 Haggadah Experience Rabbi Yisrael Yosef Bronstein With its classic and contemporary stories and teachings this haggadah is perfect for the beginner or young adults who will enjoy its down-to- earth and engaging commentary and style. 292 pp. 21.99 hardcover 5103 Lets Go Free with Miri Tzvi Childrens Haggadah A childrens haggadah with lively illustrations and comics accompany- ing the complete Haggadah text all seen through the eyes of two young- sters observing the events as they unfold. 109 pp. 19.99 large format hc 7133 March of Centuries Haggadah FROM MITZRAYIM TO MOSHIACH Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg brings alive the experience of Yetzias Mitzrayim through in-depth analysis of the hag- gadahs message sprinkled with para- bles and true stories. 351 pp. 22.99 hardcover 7140 Torah Vodaas Haggadah 2 UNIQUE INSIGHTS FROM LEGENDARY ROSHEI YESHIVA compiled by Tsemach Glenn Explore the layers of deeper meaning of the haggadah with Gedolei Torah of yesteryear as well as Gedolei Torah of today. 400 pp. 29.99 hardcover 7152 The Nesivos Haggadah WITH COMMENTARY MAASEH NISSIM BY THE AUTHOR OF NESIVOS HAMISHPAT Rabbi Michoel Miller A haggadah that reveals the crucial basics of Yetzias Mitzrayim as the source of the eternal bond between HaKadosh Boruch Hu and His beloved Klal Yisroel. 124 pp. 12.99 hardcover 7151 Essential Feldheim Haggadah The perfect haggadah for any group setting. Side-by-side English trans- lation and full instructions include everything from biur chametz to Shir HaShirim. The beautiful unique layout and slim stay-open format will fit right on your Seder table as it perpetu- ates our glorious tradition. 80 pp. 2.49 paperback 7157 17Sabbath Festivals The Sabbath Dayan Dr. I. Grunfeld A guide to the proper understand- ing and observance of the Sabbath following the classic ideas of Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch. Fifth revised edition. 112 pp. 14.99 paperback 2769 Kabbolas Shabbos Covenant of the Chosen A NEW EXPOSITION OF THE KABBOLAS SHABBOS PRAYER Chaim Rubin provides insights on all of the chapters of Kabbolas Shabbos as well as extensive commentary on Lechah Dodi and guides the read- er through the Shabbos-enhanced Maariv prayer. 360 pp. 24.99 hardcover 7013 NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW Teshuva Restoring Life Rabbi Reuven Leuchter Does the desire to change last or are we left every year in the same frus- trating place How can teshuva trans- late into actual change Rav Leuchter answers these questions through the wisdom of R Chaim of Volozhin. 160 pp. 14.99 pocket hardcover 7077 Moadei Hashanah Series 1 MONTH OF ELUL ROSH HASHANAH 2 THE THREE WEEKS TISHAH BAV 3 10 YEMEI TESHUVAH YOM KIPPUR Rabbi Shimshon Dovid Pincus Harav Pincus venerated Rosh Yeshivah beloved Rav of Ofakim and worldwide lecturer enrich- es and adds new dimensions to crucial days that hold the key to the entire year. Rav Pincus depth relevance and wit as expressed in this series cov- ering from the Month of Av through Yom Kippur is sure to inspire each person and raise him to a new level of teshuvah and kirvas Hashem. Elul Rosh Hashanah 330 pp. - 24.99 HC 7052 3 Weeks Tishah bAv 364 pp. - 26.99 HC 7173 10 Days of RepentanceYK 235 pp. - 22.99 HC 7194 The Alshich Haggadah TIMELESS WISDOM ON THE SEDER With translation and explanatory notes by Rabbi Avie Gold Fascinating insights from Rabbi Moshe Alshich gleaned from his com- mentary as it pertains to the hagga- dah. 320 pp. 19.99 hardcover 7153 Catalog 2015-16 5776