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38 Junior Division Ages 6-12 More Alef Beis Adventures with Ziggawat 12 EXCITING STORIES KAF TO TAV Ahuva Weinberger Childrens favorite yellow friend Ziggawat is back with twelve more exciting stories which help teach the letters of the alef-beis middos tovos and much more Each story takes just six minutes to read with lessons for a lifetime. 24.99 large format HC 7246 Noach and the Flood Rabbi Morderchai Chalamish illustrated by Devora Benedict Make learning fun with full-color comics that bring to life the deeds of Noach and his family their building and living in the ark and the actions of the entire generation that was destroyed. Based on the Torah Gemara Midrash and their commentaries. 19.99 large format HC 7225 YOUR CHILDS FAVORITE HAGGADAH ALEF BEIS MIDDOS AND MORETHE ILLUSTRATED STORY OF NOACH NEW NEWNEW HELPING CHILDREN FACE FEARS WHY CANT YONI EAT PEANUT BUTTER EVERY KID IS UNIQUEAVIGAILLAST BUT NOT LEAST Gavriels Storm Aviva Werner Illustrated by Avi Katz Most children find thunderstorms frightening they are loud startling and dangerous. Here is a book that helps you and your child get through those tough moments with calm reassurance and trust in Hashem. Including the berachos we say during and after a storm and valuable tips for helping kids overcome fear of thun- der and lightning. 11.99 HC 7243 Pinny the Peanut Learns about Allergies Rochel Burstyn illustrated by Tali Apt Follow a lively peanut from the farm to table and teach kids to understand the impor- tance of allergic reac- tions as a safety issue. This entertaining tale is an engaging way to spread awareness about living with food aller- gies. Includes infor- mative Nutty Facts. 30 pp. 12.99 HC 7172 Oh the Kid You Can Be written and illustrated by Miriam Abadi Id like you to meet a most interesting kidThis kid is a Yid with a vital tafkid. This child in fact is none other than you Yes YOU who must learn what it is you must do. Lively rhyme and illustration encour- ages kids to use their own unique gifts to be the best they can be TBA large format hc Avigail Chana Zauderer illustrated by Mary Abadi Avigail being the youngest of four is always last. Even more she always gets her sisters old hand-me-downs. Its only when her aunt unexpectedly pays a visit that Avigail gets to learn a secret about true happiness. A charming story adorably illustrated. 12.99 large format HC 7134 Lets Go Free with Miri Tzvi Childrens Haggadah illustrated by Devorah Benedict Lively illustrations great graphic storytell- ing and the complete haggadah text all seen through the eyes of two youngsters observing the events as they unfold will give young readers an exciting chance to be swept up in those events as well. 19.99 large format HC 7133 NEW NEW NEW NEW FOOD FOR THOUGHT The Sparkling Gift THE STORY OF THE MIRACULOUS MON Abigail Rozen illustrated by Lisa Cain Hammerman Enter the Midbar where Hashems boundless love for His children expressed itself in so very many ways and follow the story of the special food sent there from Heaven. Based on the words of Chazal each detail of the miraculous Mon comes alive. 30 pp. 12.99 wide format hardcover 7241 NEW SEQUEL TO SHIMMY THE YOUNGEST Avi the Middle Triplet Miriam Elias illustrated by R. Rubenstein Avi has one big problem and it really bothers him a lot Avi has a hard time making up his mind. While other kids eagerly choose what to eat what to wear and what to play with Avi just cant decide and its making him unhappy. Join the middle trip- let in a family of fun as he learns to make decisions in order to help a friend 41 pp. 12.99 HC 7184 NEW FFeldheim Publishers