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JEWISH PIRATESPROJECT INNOCENT HEART Talking About Private Places Bracha Goetz illustrated by Shepsil Scheinberg This book was created to help even the most skittish parent engage in an honest positive and upbeat discussion about the dignity and respect with which our bodies are to be treated. Each beautifully illus- trated page is designed to pro- vide a launching pad for a family discussion about the topic of child safety even while adhering to the highest notions of tzeniyus. 40 pp. 15.99 large format hc 7067 Lets Say Amen Tamar Ansh Adapted from Just One Word this book gives you the perfect way to share the message of the Amen Initiative with children. With stories about famous rabbis and ordinary Jews and tips and halachos. 77 pp. 19.99 large hardcover 4328 In the Footsteps of Our Fathers GEDOLEI YISRAEL LIVE THE LESSONS OF PIRKEI AVOS Avraham Ochayon brings us the teach- ings of Pirkei Avos alongside stories of Gedolei Yisrael so you and your children together can embark on a profound journey in the footsteps of our fathers. Dani Books 18.99 large format HC 7111 Purimshpiel Acclaimed artist Gadi Pollacks illus- trations set the stage for the Book of Esther in sequence with the Megillah text in Hebrew and English. Presented according to Midrashic sources and combined with humorous details and whimsical additions in the tradition of the Purim play. 74 pp. 12.99 extra-large HC 3634 Escape from Seville vol. 1 A STORY OF COURAGE AND FAITH DURING THE SPANISH INQUISITION Chaim Valdman The Curiel family has a secret that is about to be discovered leading to their inevitable escape from Seville. A 3-D style comic book. 110 pp. 24.99 large format HC 5990 In the Footsteps of Bnei Yisrael in Mitzrayim A. Bat Melechs Shimmy Shaya are back for another exciting adven- ture. This time they experience the miracles and wonders that Hashem performed for Bnei Yisrael as they go from bondage to freedom with song and thanks to Hashem 92 pp. 24.99 hardcover 6752 Shikufitzky Street written and illustrated by Shifra Glick This endearing comic-style book features a host of humorous characters and jokes that will have your children begging for more. And now theres morein volume 3. Ditza Nitza Lemech Shlomtzion and the rest of their friends are back for more comic relief that will have even the adults laughing out loud. Full-color delight- ful and totally sweet theres something smiling on Shikufitzky Street 98 pp. each 20.99 each - vol. 1 6474 vol. 3 7107 37Junior Division Ages 5-10 Comic Books 2 SERIES WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED BY SHIFRA GLICK Shikufitzky 1-5 written and illustrated by Shifra Glick The charming and disarming Shikufitzkys are here ready to work their way into the hearts of young and old alike with their insightful encoun- ters with life. The characters are so remarkably true-to-life that you may think theyre describ- ing your family These comic strips teach us a lot about ourselves in a novel and amusing way. 100 pp. each volume 20.99 each HC vol. 1 - 3639 vol. 2 - 3762 vol. 3 - 4192 vol. 4 - 4526 vol. 5 - 5081 2 SERIES WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED BY SHIFRA GLICK BEST SELLERS NEW Challos in the Aron HaKodesh An enchanting tale of trust and kindness. Beautifully illustrated by Gadi Pollack this story reveals the importance of even the simplest Jew and his potential for perform- ing great mitzvos. 32 pp. 13.99 hardcover 7035 Mitzvah Kids LEARNING AND LAUGHING THROUGHOUT THE JEWISH YEAR Whether its Shabbos Yom Tov or an ordinary day of the week come join Michal Gorens Mitzvah Kids as they teach Torah lessons in a really fun way. A popular feature of the London Jewish Tribune here are more than 90 color cartoons that will make your child chuck- le as he grows through the Jewish year 92 pp. 19.99 hardcover 7226 AS SEEN IN THE LONDON JEWISH TRIBUNE NEW It Could Have Been M. Safra This imaginary story set in mod- ern times invites young readers to envision and to feel the splendor of Jerusalem with a vibrant Beis HaMikdash and then the sorrow that follows its destruction. 66 pp. 16.99 large format hc 7186 NEW My Favorite Jewish Bedtime Stories R. Yosef Goldstein illustrated by J. Maya This delightful collection of clas- sic tales and parables drawn from Jewish lore and tradition will enter- tain all ages while teaching univer- sal ethics and morals. 113 pp. 16.95 hardcover 7147 Skullcaps and Crossbones Yonah Klein illustrated by Jacky Yarhi Shmuel Kafri and his son Yitzchak investigate the diary of the famous 16th centu- ry Jewish pirate Yaakov Koriel and quickly find that the diary is even more valu- able than they imagined. But someone else is also trying to get his hands on the diary. Kids of all ages will be cap- tivated by an adventure that spans centuries in this excit- ing graphic novel. 54 pp. 15.99 large format hardcover 6960 Catalog 2015-16 5776