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The Ahavas Yisrael Project A TORAH-BASED PROGRAM FOR DEVELOPING LOVE FOR FELLOW JEWS Sharon Warren A 40-day daily dose of the laws of shem- iras halashon along with moving insights into ahavas Yisrael with the aim of fulfill- ing the mitzvah of loving your fellow Jew in the best possible way. 202 pp. 19.99 hardcover 6764 Books by Ruchoma Shain Dearest Children Written with warmth and humor this well-loved authors correspondence with her children in America spans 25 years of her life in Jerusalem. All For the Best Miraculous stories vignettes and anecdotes which reveal Divine guidance and salvation. Shining Lights Illuminating stories of faith and inspiration from every facet of Jewish life. 22.99 each hardcover Understanding the Alef-Beis Dovid Leitner Shows the hidden wisdom and secrets of the universe within the letters of the alef-beis Shows the symbolism and intricacy of the letters bringing out the allusions to world events which are all encrypted in the Torah. 351 pp. 25.99 paperback 6481 18 Sabbath Festivals Hashkafah Jewish Thought Inspiration Guidance AUTHOR OF THE JEWISH HOME SPIRITUAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT The Soul of Chanukah TEACHINGS OF RABBI SHLOMO CARLEBACH compiled by Rabbi Shlomo Katz Shlomo Carlebachs unique insights are shared with a depth and relevance that is rarely appreciated. Eight days of fascinat- ing ideas that provide a lifetime of inspi- ration and connection 116 pp. Mosaica 16.95 hardcover 6978 Sparks of Mussar A TREASURY OF WORDS AND DEEDS OF THE MUSSAR GREATS R Chaim Ephraim Zaitchik The giants of mussar strove to ele- vate the spiritual level of mankind through their teachings. Here is a selection of their profound words and exemplary deeds. 260 pp. 12.99 pocket HC 2966 Redemption Unfolding Alexander Aryeh Mandelbaum Explains the inner dimension of world events as well as the last Exile of Israel Chevlei Mashiach the War of Gog Magog and the Final Redemption. 174 pp. 19.99 hardcover 4078 Mamma Used to Say PEARLS OF WISDOM FROM THE WORLD OF YIDDISH Rachel Rosmarin Golden Yiddish sayings and wisdom mined from the righteous women of yesteryear. Includes a faithful English translation the original Yiddish sources and anecdotes. 320 pp. 24.99 hardcover 2305 Jewish Holiday Handbook Doron Kornbluth Brings the holidays to life Each chapter includes a brief description of the holi- day a summary of preparations and prac- tices and a look at some of the holidays most interesting thought-provoking and important ideas. 167 pp. Mosaica 9.99 pocket PB 7031 GET THE INSIDE STORY Inside Chanukah Purim FASCINATING INSIGHTS ON CHANUKAH PURIM AND THE MEGILLAH Aryeh Pinchas Strickoff Inside Chanukah explores every aspect of Chanukah the miracles mitz- vos and minhagim to bring fresh insights into them all. Inside Purim brings you fasci- nating interpretations on the Megillah the historical back- ground of the Purim story and the significance of the customs of Purim. 704 pp. Purim - 24.99 HC 5049 Chanukah - 27.99 HC 6706 Facets of Eternity AN EXPLORATION OF 7 INTRIGUING TOPICS IN JEWISH THOUGHT Yoram Bogacz A journey through the vast reposi- tories of Torah knowledge in order to discover the answers to fascinat- ing but seldom-explored topics in Jewish thought. 304 pp. 22.99 hardcover 7027 Genesis Genes Yoram Bogacz respectfully puts sci- ence in its place while upholding the immutable principles of Torah and emunah. Engaging well writ- ten accessible and complete with detailed endnotes references and source material 400 pp. 24.99 hardcover 6078 Trust Me AN ANTHOLOGY OF EMUNAH BITACHON Rabbi Eliezer Parkoff A wide-ranging selection of anec- dotes stories and commentaries from our greatest Gedolim to inspire faith and belief. 470 pp. 28.99 hardcover 3545 Sefiros and the Self EMPOWERING SELF-IMPROVEMENT AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Rabbi Yaakov Feder G-d created the world utilizing the Sefiros a perfectly integrated system of intellectual emotional and expressive attributes. By apply- ing the the lessons of the heavenly Sefiros on a human level we can discover our ideal selves and overcome chronic failings. 300 pp. TBA hardcover NEW The Book of Our Heritage THE JEWISH YEAR AND ITS DAYS OF SIGNIFICANCE Eliyahu Kitov translated by R N. Bulman This classic illuminates the Jewish year with its Festivals fast days days of joy sorrow the meaning of their laws of observance while including a wealth of Midrashic com- mentary and inspiring insights by earlier and later Sages. 1126 pp. 3-volume set. 79.99 gift-boxed HC set 1230 49.99 pocket-boxed set 1210 FFeldheim Publishers