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TORAH INSPIRED BY THE PIASECZNA REBBE Working Toward Moshiach INSPIRATIONAL ESSAYS ON PREPARING OURSELVES FOR THE FINAL REDEMPTION Roy S. Neuberger It is vital for the Jewish people and the world at large to know that the culmination of world history will be a time of spiritual and materi- al peace in the world. These essays discuss the basis for hope and strength in our present cha- otic world and demonstrate how we can all par- ticipate in working toward Moshiach 492 pp. 24.95 hardcover 7211 NEW FROM THE AUTHOR OF 2020 VISION Longing for Dawn Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Baifus translated by Rabbi Nachman Bulman An inspiring English translation of stories and commentary from the Yalkut Lekach Tov series on coping with misfortune from a Torah perspective. 332 pp. 27.99 hardcover 2197 Religious Compulsions and Fears A GUIDE TO TREATMENT Dr. Avigdor Bonchek Describes Obsessive Compulsive Disorders related to halachic matters as well as specific psychological tech- niques that can be helpful in treating sufferers. 199 pp. 29.99 hardcover 5141 You Are Not Alone A TORAH APPROACH TO OVERCOMING ANXIETY Esther Gross Insights and techniques for using lifes challenges as tools for growth and ulti- mately turning to Hashem for strength in difficult situations. 200 pp. English - 24.99 hardcover 3561 Yiddish - 24.99 paperback 6146 Awareness THE KEY TO ACCEPTANCE FORGIVENESS AND GROWTH Miriam Adahan An analysis of the nine basic per- sonality types and how to achieve spiritual growth through understand- ing the strengths and weaknesses of yourself and others. 536 pp. 29.99 hardcover 1134 My Sole Desire ILLUMINATING ESSAYS ON LIVING WITH FAITH AND CLOSENESS TO HASHEM shiurim of Harav Avraham Tzvi Kluger A fundamental Jewish book that reveals the light hidden in Judaism teaching us to live our day-to-day lives with closeness to Hashem faith and joy. 397 pp. 21.99 hardcover 7149 The Observant Jew A REFRESHING NEW LOOK AT THE WORLD Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz offers humor inspiration and a Torah perspective to everyday occurrences to bring us a positive optimistic outlook on life. 304 pp. 22.99 hardcover 7046 Seek Sobriety Find Serenity 265 DAILY INSPIRATIONS Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski A daily dose of spiritual psychologi- cal and religious truths to help those suffering from addiction or striving to improve their behavior. 378 pp. 21.99 pocket hardcover 7079 The Cosmic Bagel AND THE WORLD OF GEOMETRICS Yitzchak Shimon Hurwitz A light entertaining vehicle to con- vey some of the deeper basic truths of Judaism cleverly presented using simple geometric shapes. 182 pp. 13.99 pocket paperback 7237 Warmed by the Fire of the Aish Kodesh Rabbi Moshe Weinberger The teachings of Rav Kalonymus Kalman Shapira Hyd including the sefer Aish Kodesh Holy Fire written in the Ghetto have been crucial in the revival of the Jewish peoples interconnection with Hashem before during and after the war until today. This sefer con- sists of the Torah taught by the author at Harav Shapiras yahrtzeit gatherings. 177 pp. 19.99 hardcover 7219 NEW The Jewish Mourners Companion LITURGY COMFORT GUIDANCE Rabbi Zalman Goldstein A A guide through the difficult times of illness and death presenting Jewish tradition in a way that is both sensitive and instructive. 12.95 paperback 5421 Stop Surviving Start Living Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier Why is life so difficult Why are people so unhappy today This highly motivating book is a roadmap and the inspira- tion to create a life of meaning and purpose. 202 pp. 19.99 hardcover 5737 9.99 paperback 5919 19Hashkafah Jewish Thought Self Help Adversity Books by Esther Gross A-Z Poetry Series AmA-Zing Parenting USING TORAH WISDOM TO UNLOCK THE AMAZING PARENT WITHIN YOU ChA-Zak A BEACON OF HOPE FAITH MA-Zel Tov YOURE MARRIED NOW WHAT Author of the bestselling You Are Not Alone see below brings us 3 volumes of pocket poet- ry inspired by Torah sources imparting her experience vision and perception into parent- ing life challenges and human relationships. Accompanied by vivid photos. 70 pp. each 9.99 each pocket HC The Eye of the Storm A CALM VIEW OF RAGING ISSUES Rabbi Aharon Feldman The distinguished Rosh HaYeshiva of Ner Israel in Baltimore addresses various issues that have radiated through the Jewish community in the past few years. 244 pp. 22.99 hardcover 5438 The Juggler and the King Rabbi Aharon Feldman This exciting expansion of the Vilna Gaons powerful ideas unlock the hidden wisdom of the Sages address- ing the purpose of Creation history and destiny of the Jewish people and the coming of the Messiah. 272 pp. 26.99 hardcover 1937 NEW Catalog 2015-16 5776