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The Guide to Serving G-d Rabbeinu Avraham ben HaRambam Translated annotated by R Yaakov Wincelberg Written by the Rambams illustrious son Rabbeinu Avraham this book is a blend of spiritual ideals and practical applications. Its brilliant English trans- lation from the original Judeo-Arabic text includes a vowelized Hebrew trans- lation as well. 614 pp. 23.99 pocket HC 6929 HAMASPIK LEOVDEI HASHEM A NEW EDITION OF THE KUZARI Sefer HaHinnuch THE BOOK OF MITZVAH EDUCATION translated by C. Wengrov The substance and nature of the 613 mitzvos with detailed laws and thought-provoking meaning. Vowel- ized annotated Hebrew with English text. 5-volume set. 2400 pp. 119.99 HC gift-boxed 2815 Faith and Trust R Shmuel Houminer English Kalmen Gross Dovid Rossoff A collection of stories insights and anecdotes on the subject of trust in G-d. Culled from Talmudic Midrashic and Rabbinic sources.196 pp. 12.99 pocket HC 1550 The Kuzari Rabbi Yehudah HaLevi translated annotated by R N. Daniel Korobkin Rabbi Yehudah HaLevis 12th-century classic dis- cussing in dialogue format a series of theologi- cal philosophical and ideological dilemmas as relevant today as they were then. A superb transla- tion available now in an updated annotated edi- tion. Vowelized Hebrew facing English divided into short manageable paragraphs for easy refer- ence study and comprehension. 752 pp. 39.99 hardcover 4871 23.99 1-volume compact HC 6917 15Torah Classics Library Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto - The Ramchal The Way of Torah THE WAYS OF REASON THE BOOK OF LOGIC THE BOOK OF WORDS translated and annotated by R David Sackton and R Chaim Tscholkowsky The Ramchals three classic guides to Talmud study newly retranslated into one-volume. The Ways of Reason bridges Talmudic analysis and the principles of logic. The Book of Logic explains key logical concepts as they are applied to Talmudic analysis. The Book of Words delves into the skill of accurate writing and expression. 913 pp. 39.99 hardcover 7021 The Elucidated Derech Hashem translated annotated by R Abba Zvi Naiman Opens up this masterpiece on Divine regulation of the world by clarifying the Ramchals pro- found words. With a clear interwoven transla- tion and an extensive commentary that explores the Ramchals vast writings to reveal the depth of his careful and precise language. 707 pp. 32.99 hardcover 6686 The Way of G-d Derech Hashem translated by R Aryeh Kaplan The Ramchals keen insight and understanding of the complex topic of G-d and His workings. This classic 18th-century philosophical work explores Divine regulation of the world. With marginal notes. 443 pp. 28.99 hardcover 3196 18.99 compact hardcover 5414 Secrets of the Redemption Maamar HaGeulah translated by R Mordechai Nissim Compelling insight into the process of redemption. Featuring 98 short passages each revealing secret kabbalistic concepts in the unique style of the Ramchal. A work of mystical depth and understanding. 27.99 hardcover 3368 NEW EDITION Books by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto The Path of the Just Mesillas Yesharim translation by Rabbi Y. Leibler The Ramchals classic 18th-century text on liv- ing a sanctified life. This edition features a new English translation for the contemporary read- er. Newly designed and typeset with R Moshe Chaim Shlangers shoulder captions. Facing Hebrew English text. 368 pp. 23.99 hardcover 3755 14.99 compact hardcover 3425 Knowing G-ds Plan Daas Tevunos THE PRECISE SYSTEM THROUGH WHICH G-D DIRECTS EVERY ASPECT OF EXISTENCE translated annotated by R Mordechai Rose The Ramchals classic work that explains how G-d runs the universe and His special relation- ship with the Jewish people. Features a new flowing readable translation with extensive notes and helpful summaries throughout. TBA hardcover 7112 rs Catalog 2015-16 5776