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AmA-Zing Parenting USING TORAH WISDOM TO UNLOCK THE AMAZING PARENT WITHIN YOU Esther Gross Hands-on guidance and insights com- bining discipline with love rebuke with tact and teaching with reaching to convert chaos into composure and tension into tranquility. 72 pp. 9.99 pocket hardcover 6785 Boy Oh Boy FROM BRIS TO BAR MITZVAH Beily Paluch Everything you need to know about rais- ing your son Shalom zachor newborn jaundice cutting those curls tzitzis tips Torah and kedushah the Shabbos table getting white shirts whiter bar mitzvah and more. Jerusalem Publications. 20.99 hardcover 6970 Planting and Building RAISING A JEWISH CHILD Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe A revised translation of the acclaimed Zeriah uBinyan beChinnuch this book presents basic guidelines for parenting and education. Vital for every Jewish parent and educator. 80 pp. 12.99 hardcover 2650 Raising Roses Among the Thorns The contemporary problems parents and educators face in raising children including problem-solving effective listening and communication build- ing self-esteem sibling rivalry hostile environments and more. 409 pp. 27.99 hardcover 3376 AWARD-WINNING OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST TORAH CHILDREARING ACCLAIMED SOCIAL SKILLS SPECIALIST Parent-Child Dance A GUIDE TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND AND SHAPE YOUR CHILDS BEHAVIOR Miriam Manela OTRL and C.R. Zwolinski Is your child anxious too sensitive or frequent- ly angryoverly talkative or withdrawn having problems at home school or play Through activities ideas and tips this book will show you how to help your child and improve your relationship. 117 pp. 15.99 hardcover 7150 Partners in Growth At Home and in School RAISING A WELL-ADJUSTED CHILD IN THE LIGHT OF TORAH Partners in Growth focuses on the uniqueness of every child and helps parents and teachers work together to nurture appropriately and effective- ly. Rabbi Moshe Young deals with important issues reward and punishment competition homework and more. 172 pp. 19.99 hardcover 7242 Social Success Dynamics A SOCIAL SKILLS WORKBOOK Rifka Schonfeld This comprehensive and colorful workbook is a tool for parents educators and social service professionals working with children who struggle with a variety of social emo- tional or developmental issues. The perfect method for anyone working with struggling children Full-color pages. 166 pp. 24.99 large format pb 7216 NEW NEW NEW Joyful Mother of Children EIM HABANIM SEMEICHAH R Dovid Simcha Rosenthal Prayers suggestions and laws per- taining to pregnancy labor delivery and post-childbirth. 128 pp. 18.99 hardcover 1923 14.99 paperback 1924 Shalom Secrets HOW TO LIVE IN PEACE WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY Rabbi Chaim Trainer Teaches you and your kids how to resolve disagreements and fights achieving true shalom peace 128 pp. Childrens Guide 13.99 paperback 2871 Recipes for Success PARENTING TIPS FOR ALL FAMILIES Rifka Schonfeld This small spiral-bound booklet is filled with parenting tips addressing all kinds of childrens needs from behavior disorders and learning dis- abilities to self-esteem issues and friendship woes. 150 pp. 19.99 spiral-bound 7196 23Parenting Teaching Catalog 2015-16 5776 NEW Bibliotherapy Series My Friend the Bully My Friend the Troublemaker My Friend The Volcano My Friend The Worrier Rifka Schonfeld illustrated by Yoel Judowitz My Friend the Bully tackles the difficult topic of teasing and bullying My Friend the Troublemaker offers a clear understanding of ADHD and now My Friend the Volcano confronts Oppositional Defiant Behavior explosive anger. And now In My Friend the Worrier we are introduced to a boy who struggles with anxiety which escalates into obsessive habits that eventually balloon out of control. Engaging storylines provide par- ents educators and young students with reassur- ing guides filled with professional insight practi- cal tips and effective coping strategies. Also avail- able as a 4-volume boxed set. 32 pp. each 17.99 each large format hardcover 75.00 4-volume boxed set How Does SHE Manage 4 VERY DIFFERENT WOMEN SWAP IDEAS ON MANAGING A HOME FAMILY Yael Wiesner Choose the woman you identify with most try out her homemaking tech- niques and discover how YOU can reach your personal family and spiri- tual life goals. 22.99 hardcover 6200 NEW VOLUME rs