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Our New Special Baby Chaya Rosen illustrated by Rivkie Braverman In this tender reassuring story family members learn how to accept their new baby brother born with Down Syndrome. Inspires young readers with the amazing power of a Torah perspective. 43 pp. 14.99 hardcover 6910 The Big Book of Questions and Answers M. Kenan presents fascinating facts for the curious mind. Biology tech- nology geography nature mechanics its all here for readers to discover. Filled with extraordinary pictures and a wide array of facts about the world we live in 87 pp. Dani Books 19.99 large format hardcover 7189 EncycloKIDia JEWISH CHILDRENS ENCYCLOPEDIA edited by Tzipi Frankel A book of worldly knowledge fit for the Jewish home. With interesting facts about a wide variety of subjects accompanied by photos and illus- trations enlightening and enriching Torah quotes and more. 80 pp. 19.99 large format HC 7019 Birkas HaChaim by Michal Kroizer Devorah Stein illustrated by Motti Heller A kid-friendly illustrated look at the major organs and showing the spe- cial mitzvos that can be performed with each body part. Includes tid- bits and trivia to keep kids learning all the way through. 64 pp. 24.99 extra-large format HC 5176 LAG BAOMER FAST DAYS FOR KIDS A BOOK OF OUR HERITAGE FOR KIDS Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai When We Left Yerushalayim Genendel Krohn When We Left Yerushalayim introduces children to the var- ious midrashim connected with the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash. The perfect book to read to children on fast days and the Three Weeks. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai features enchanting vignettes from the life of one of our peoples most famous figures woven together for children. 15.99 each large format HC When We Left - 5154 Rashbi - 4259 GENENDEL KROHN HOLIDAY FAVORITES The Miracles of Chanukah Once Upon a Pesach Genendel Krohn The Miracles of Chanukah recount stories from past and present that show the kiddush Hashem and mesirus nefesh of the Jewish people. Once Upon a Pesach features Passover stories of self- sacrifice commitment to mitzvos faith in Hashem and the value of a good deed. Chanukah - 15.99 5713 53 pp. Pesach - 17.99 6446 49 pp. AS LONG AS I LIVE FOR KIDS Ahrele 1-3 THE INCREDIBLE TOUCHING STORY OF RAV AHRON MARGALIT SHLITA Hadas Irenstein illustrated by Dovid Goldschmidt As Long As I Live has been a bestselling source of inspiration to adults the world over. This graphic version adapted for children shows how we can overcome almost any obstacle in our lives with strength and encouragement. New Part 3 con- tinues the story and completes another chapter of this remarkable story. 59 pp. each 19.99 each vol. 1 7030 vol. 2 7097 vol. 3 7215 Gedolei Yisroel Album Mattis Goldberg portraiture Aviad Ben-Simon Based on Gedolei Yisroel Portraits of Greatness this stunning new youth edition features portrait drawings photo collages and an inspiring vignette about each of fourteen great Torah leaders. 65 pp. 24.99 extra-large format hardcover 5156 One Word Too Many Elisheva Amar Gadi Pollack With eight fully illustrated stories for kids that underscore the effects of the words we say this book raises the awareness of kids and the adults reading to them to the power of the tongue in a fun and entertaining way. 119 pp. 26.99 extra-large HC 4861 Round and Round the Jewish Year vols. 1-4 Tziporah Rosenberg translated by Sherie Gross illustrated by Ruth Beifus A 30-year-old Hebrew classic now in English with all-new illustrations. The Jewish calen- dar comes alive in prose and in rhyme teaching children the Jewish and seasonal signifi- cance of the different months. 68 pp. each 17.99 each large format HC 36 Junior Division Ages 5-10 NEW Wonders of the Baal Shem Tov and His Students Wonders of the Gedolim Storyteller illustrator Jacky Yarhi invites you to enter the wondrous world of the Chassidic mas- ters and the Gedolim with these two amazing comic books with stories to read and re-read. 15.99 each large format hardcover Wonders of the Baal Shem Tov - 7095 Wonders of the Gedolim - MIRACLES AND MAASIM TOVIM NEW The Very Best You EMPOWERING KIDS TO SUCCEED Leah Zytman illustrated by Y. Suval The stories of different children each with a problem that is making hisher life difficult come together in this inno- vative guide for young readers parents and educators. Includes professional strategies and solutions. 60 pp. 12.99 hardcover 7093 Will I Ever Be Happy Again A JEWISH APPROACH TO HELPING CHILDREN DEAL WITH LOSS R Avidan Chaya Milevsky illustrated by Sarah Zauderer An invaluable resource for parents counselors and educators helping Jewish families deal with bereave- ment. 36 pp. 19.99 large format HC 7059 FFeldheim Publishers