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The Jewish Fact Finder REVISED UPDATED NEWLY DESIGNED With a fresh new look this handbook of bite- sized Judaism contains everything from Torah to Talmud to Temple from prophets to plagues to prayers seasons and cities measurements and mountains and lots more. 120 pp. 12.99 hardcover 7204 The Travels and Tales of Dr. Emanuel J. Mitzva Bubblegum Glue and Other Adventures of Dr. Emanuel J. Mitzva Everyone in Cedarville knows that Dr. Mitzva is a Doctor of Mostly Everything. He heals sore throats and earaches. He also takes care of droopy plants homeless animals sits with cranky babies sings songs to sick children and just shows people how to smile. Need help of any kindyou can come to Dr. Mitzva. Dr. Emanuel J. Mitzva - 15.99 hardcover 3630 Bubblegum Glue - 15.99 hardcover 7047 Books byYaffa Ganz illustrated by Bina Gewirtz Harvey Klineman Savta Simcha and the Incredible Shabbos Bag When an unusual old lady turns up in town strange things begin to happen 84 pp. Savta Simcha and the Cinnamon Tree Join Savta Simcha Uncle Nechemya and Ezra in a bookful of adventures in Jerusalem. Savta Simcha and the Seven Splendid Gifts Savta Simcha travels the Land of Israel on an unusual shopping spree. 120 pp. Savta Simcha and the Very Strange Stone in the Garden A mysterious stone leads Savta Simcha and friends on an adventure-filled journey. 96 pp. Savta Simcha the Round- about Journey to Jerusalem Savta sets off from Jerusalem to bring Important Gifts to her friends around the world. 128 pp. 16.99 each hardcover Shabbos Bag - 2778 Cinnamon Tree - 2779 Seven Gifts - 2781 Strange Stone - 2783 Roundabout Journey - 2785 The Story of Mimmy and Simmy Two friends one rich and one poor change places and learn an important lesson. 36 pp. The Biggest Littlest Birthday Cake Mimmy and Simmy each try to give the other the most special birthday cake of all. 36 pp. Sharing a Sunshine Umbrella When a silly argument turns serious Mimmy and Simmy learn the value of peace. 36 pp. Raise a Rabbit Grow a Goose Mimmy and Simmy buy the perfect pets which turn out to be not-so-perfect after all. Join them as they learn a valuable lesson in gratitude. 30 pp. Mimmy Simmy - 14.99 wide HC 2976 Birthday Cake - 14.99 wide HC 1214 Sunshine Umbrella - 14.99 wide HC 2870 Raise a Rabbit - 14.99 wide HC 4813 Shukis Upside-Down Dream Did you ever have a topsy-turvy upside-down dream After Shuki protests elderly Aunt Esthers upcoming visit he has a very strange dream that helps him see things in a whole new way. New edition of a 30-year classic with illus- trations by Dena Ackerman. 10.99 hardcover 2907 39Junior Division Ages 6-12 Yaffa GanzCatalog 2015-16 57762015-16 57762015-16 5776NEW