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Closing Accounts Shlomo Bareket A political leader and Palestinian sym- pathizer is mysteriously kidnapped by a radical Moslem cell and released with a warning. A riveting novel that will propel you nonstop toward its staggering conclusion. 443 pp. 26.99 hardcover 6688 Where Theres a Will Bracha Rosman Its a tragedy no one expected and now Lauren Joey and Katie are orphaned. This is a story of a family torn by religious values greed and power where the pawns in the picture are children and the stakes are fright- eningly high. 352 pp. 12.99 hardcover 5987 Set Me Free Estie Florans A book about friendship and what really counts in life. Set in the memorable seminary year in Eretz Yisrael the story revolves around the struggles of three very different young women and how they come to understand each other. 704 pp. 29.99 hardcover 4929 The Narrow Bridge Peri Berger Shuli and Shraga seem like a perfect match until stresses strains clash- ing egos and bad decisions almost destroy their marriage. This riveting novel explores the difficult and deli- cate boundaries of marriage. 247 pp. Jerusalem Publications 21.99 hardcover 7091 Pain Relief Peri Berger Happy marriage great kids devoted parents a flourishing business Hindy seems to have it all. How can a simple fall change all that Could this really be happening How could someone like her wind up in rehab 240pp. Jerusalem Publications 21.99hardcover 7158 The Harp Meir Uri Gottesman Set against the backdrop of the Second Temple with the Romans poised for all-out war and destruc- tion this historical work tells the tale of heroic devotion to Temple wor- ship and to God despite Herculean challenges. 284 pp. 24.99 hardcover 4090 Zero Tolerance Peri Berger Shua is a bully Yossi his target Read a gripping no-holds-barred in-depth look at all those affect- ed by the act of bullying. A fast- paced true-to-life drama 208 pp. Jerusalem Publications 20.99 hardcover 7028 A Tale of Two Sisters Adeena Leiber Adopted at birth Ahuva cares noth- ing about her birth mother prefer- ring to live in the present. But then her happiness is sabotaged by a twin she knew nothing about. 364 pp. 24.99 hardcover 6642 The Morning Star Meir Uri Gottesman When Deep Hollow Synagogue hits on a novel approach to the com- munitys shidduch crisis they unleash secrets that throw us back thousands of years to ancient Jerusalem. 414 pp. 24.99 hardcover 5088 Deep Blue Meir Uri Gottesman Elijahs will leaves Alexander and Solomon a fortune of money and Uri Zeidehs favoritea set of Gemaras. But soon he finds himself uncovering the secrets and rich lega- cy that Zeideh left behind. 314 pp. 24.99 hardcover 4569 Ends of Heaven Yocheved Levenstein Did Jeff Bradley a comput- er science student really turn neo-Nazi Who does Eyal and Oren meet while back- packing through Nepal Have the wealthy Klara and Willie Hoffman lost their daughter This complex and dynamic tale of hashgacha pratis will keep you on the edge of your seat with each surprising twist 529 pp. 26.99 hardcover 7025 DANGER SUSPENSE AND INTRIGUE The Agent G. Halevi A young French boy living with his elderly grandmother in Eretz Yisrael stumbles upon top-secret intelligence hidden in a cookie tin and becomes the only witness to a nefarious string of crimes in this fast-paced novel of sus- pense and intrigue. Based on real people facts and missions. 490 pp. 26.99 hardcover 7142 The Season of Pepsi Meyers Abie Rotenberg For the first time an observant Jew has the chance to be a member of a professional base- ball team in this exciting edge-of-the-seat story. But along with Pepsi Meyers the reader will discover the underlying principles of the Jewish faith and the sweet beauty of a Torah way of life. 198 pp. 22.99hardcover 7190 The Road Less Traveled Susie Garber Raised in London by non-Jewish foster parents Roziya Marks is tormented by her hidden past. Her search for answers leads to Arizona where she is reunited with long-lost relatives. But the questions only grow. As she grappes with a new job relationships and Judaism life becomes more complicated...and dangerous. 192 pp. 16.99hardcover 7148 A NAILBITING THRILLER ABIE ROTENBERGS FIRST NOVEL A NOVEL NEW NEW NEW NEW 29Contemporary Literature NovelsCatalog 2015-16 5776