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Stories Straight from Avis Heart Mommys Heart Ahuva Raanan Chaim Walder illustrated by Tirtsa Pelleg Books that help parents teach their children how to better express their own feelings and understand other peoples feelings. Twelve vividly illustrated stories in each book. 26.99 each extra-large hardcover Avis Heart - 73 pp. X-large HC 3980 Mommys Heart - 78 pp. X-large HC 4637 HELPING KIDS UNDERSTAND FEELINGS BEAT THE GRUMPS YENTAS AT HER WITS END ITS ABOUT TIME Spunky the Monkey Learns NOT to Be Grumpy Yehudis Pollack illustrated by Rachel Edelstein Help your child beat the grumps through story and rhyme. This vibrant book empowers kids to deal with disappointment and bad moods in a positive way. All you have to do is follow Spunkys lead to be eligible for mem- bership in The Happy Mood Club 28 pp. 9.99 hardcover 7010 Room for One More A MODERN-DAY FAIRY TALE Sheryl Prenzlau illustrated by Adi Katz In this humorous retelling of a well-known tale the characters and their dilem- ma come alive through col- orful rhymes and animated illustrations. Room for One More is guaranteed to make parents chuckle and children laugh out loud while offer- ing a profound life lesson. 14.99 hardcover 6904 Around the Clock A JEWISH CHILD LEARNS TO TELL TIME Aviva Werner illustrated by Avi Katz When a child becomes curious about clocks and time-telling Around the Clock is the perfect place to start Following a day in the life of a Jewish child children will learn to tell time from the clock and how it relates to their own day. 36 pp. 12.99 album-size hardcover 7064 Chaim Ephraim and the Shabbos Guests Lori Holzman illustrated by Rachel Edlestein Chaim Ephraim is looking forward to his favorite food. As one surprise Shabbos guest after another pile into his dining room his worries grow will there be enough left for him But when the cholent is finally served he discovers something incredible about the mitzvah of hachnasas orchim. 33 pp. 12.99 large format hardcover 7138 What Should You Do Now Chaim Walder illustrated by Devorah Benedict Ten stories of children facing common dilem- mas which guide toward a correct solution in a way that kids can enjoy. Reading about other children in familiar situations helps kids realize that their own challenges are normal and have been navigated successful- ly by others. 89 pp. 26.99 large format hc 7144 KIDS LEARN HOW TO SHARE HELPING KIDS FIND SOLUTIONS NEW NEW My Very Own Mitzvah S. Yisraeli illustrated by Gadi Pollack This spectacular book takes children on a journey through several com- mon mitzvos giving them insight into how to perform them and stir- ring their desire to embraces these mitzvos on their own. 78 pp. 24.99 hardcover 5583 Shluff-EASE Relaxation CD for Little Kids David Lieberman Torah-value bedtime stories incor- porate fun easy-to-follow deep breathing exercises visualizations muscle relaxation and positive affirmations to help melt away anx- iety and wind down from the day. 14.99 compact disk 7057 A Rainbow World Leah Rubabshi illustrated by Y. Pushkin All the colors of Creation unfold page by page in this charming intro- duction to the wonders of Hashems color-filled world. Includes a Hebrew-English-transliterated color glossary. 26 pp. 13.99 album-size HC 7092 35Junior Division Ages 3-8 FELDHEIM BOARD BOOK SERIES Who Am I Where Am I written and photographed by Ruchy Schon In Who Am I meet Refael the Doctor Chaya the Farmer and all of their friends as you teach your child about a variey of professions and their associated mitzvos. In Where Am I explore your childs world with him and meet Yossi at the den- tist Rivky at the shoe store and all their friends in a variety of familiar places. 26 pp. each 15.99 each board books Who Am I - 4314 Where Am I - 5380 Catalog 2015-16 5776