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CREATIVITY AND SELF-EXPRESSION The Secret Life of Devorah Leah Dubin Miriam Jakubowicz Devorah Leah armed with a pen notebook and generous dose of imagi- nation discovers who has been steal- ing mail in the neighborhood. Zany and heartwarming. 215 pp. 14.99 hardcover 5963 All Eyes on Mindy Eisen Miriam Jakubowicz Mindy Eisen has the perfect life until a series of troubling events rock her world and disturbing questions crop up overnight. A pre-teen novel of mys- tery suspense and humor. 215 pp. 14.99 hardcover 6654 Our Sages Showed the Way vol. 1 NEW EDITION Yocheved Segals collection of classic stories gleaned from the aggados of the Talmud has been published in nine lan- guages inspiring Jewish children world- wide. This new edition has been com- pletely rewritten to delight a new gener- ation of young readers. 240 pp. 14.99 hardcover 7162 43Junior Division Ages 9 - 12 Mrs. Honigs Cakes Series 1-6 Pessie Frankel Yocheved Leah Perkal When three lively friends get together with Mrs. Honig they enjoy her special cakes along with her Torah-true les- sons. Originally a childrens column in HaModia Mrs. Honigs stories and adven- tures keep her readers visiting her again and again. 20.99 each hardcover Vol. 1 - 3412 Vol. 2 - 5394 Vol. 3 - 4971 Vol. 4 - 5604 Vol. 5 - 6640 Vol. 6 - 7240 CLASS-ified Information 3-in-1 vols. 1-3 M.C. Millman Whats really going on in class It depends who you ask. Twelve girls reveal their secrets in this exciting series. Each girl walks on stage to tell her story. Then she steps out of the spotlight to let her friend take the mic. Each girls story is completebut only part of the whole picture. 21.99 each hardcover vol. 1 -7139 vol. 2 - 7176 vol. 3 - 7257 NEW VOLUME 6 CLASSIC SERIES NOW IN 3-IN-1 FORMAT The Book of Amazing Facts and Feats vols. 1-4 Nattan Hurvitz Aharon Yosef Hoffman We dived the oceans depths climbed towering mountains and traveled to the stars. We searched through history and the feats of mankind and above all we collected precious novelties about the wonders of creation. This series will awak- en the interest of young people in examining the amazing way Hashem guides His world and cre- ations. 178 pp. Coming soon Mini Facts and Feats for Kids Vol. 1 - 39.99 large format HC 5149 Vol. 2 - 39.99 large format HC 5996 Vol. 3 - 42.99 large format HC 6504 Vol. 4 - 39.99 large format HC 7104 NEW VOLUME NEW SERIES Once Upon America JEWISH STORIES OF HERE AND NOW This is a warm collection of stories of the early years of Orthodox Jewish life in America. These stories paint a kaleido- scopic view of the Orthodox community in the New World and its small personal struggles to cope and grow. 158 pp. 13.99 paperback 2084 43Junior Division Ages 9 - 12 3 Cheers for Shira 3-in-1 Libby Lazewnik In Shiras Summer Shiras New Start and Absolutely Shira we meet the delightful Shira Gordon her wonderful family and her very special friendship with Dawn Gruber. 611 pp. 21.99 hardcover 3728 A Classic Trio 1 2 Miriam L. Elias Six classics are back under two covers Enter the world of Tova Judy Penina and Terry and their junior high school friends as they navigate their way through the challenges of growing up. 21.99 each HC Vol. 1 - 3804 Vol. 2 - 3198 NEW VOLUME NEW VOLUME Forever My Jerusalem THE SIEGE AND SURRENDER OF JERUSALEMS OLD CITY IN 1948 Puah Shteiner An autobiographical story of the fall and evacuation of the Jewish Quarter as witnessed through the eyes of a young girl. 272 pp. 19.99 hardcover 1570 A Light for Greytowers Eva Vogiel and Ruth Steinberg From the shtetl Miriam is transported to England where she and her moth- er Anya begin to build a new life. But when Anya becomes critically ill 15-year-old Miriam finds herself at the mercy of Greytowers Orphanage and its cruel matron. 252 pp. 14.99 paperback 1667 NEW Adina Shira MY DESIGN SKETCHBOOKS Yocheved Nadell The Design Sketchbook series encourages girls to explore their own personal design style with- in a dignified and modest framework. These fun powerful workbooks that unlock the mys- teries of modern tznius fashion by empower- ing us with the skills to create real illustrations and designs. With step-by-step tutorials stick- ers and starter sketches.112 pp. Mosaica 19.99 each spiral PB Adina - 7156 Shira - 7260 Catalog 2015-16 5776