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Behind the Walls Miriam Cohen An inspiring true account of a young Belgian girls harrowing war experienc- es from hiding in a gentile womans cellar to being trapped behind fore- boding convent walls. 358 pp. 26.99 hardcover 4287 Gutta Memories of a Vanished World Gutta Sternbuch David Kranzler A memoir covering Chassidic life in pre-war Poland the Warsaw ghetto the Bais Yaakov movement the rescue of Warsaw Jews by Swiss Jews the Vittel internment camp and the post- war rebuilding of lives. 262 pp. 19.99 hardcover 4077 To Vanquish the Dragon Pearl Beinish A stirring war memoir of the courage and strength of Bais Yaakov girls and the acts of chessed and heroism they performed under the shadow of the Nazi monster. 488 pp. 27.99 hardcover 3138 Go My Son A JEWISH REFUGEES STORY OF SURVIVAL Chaim Shapiro A yeshiva student describes his dramatic sometimes humorous and always spell- binding encounters and narrow escapes as he flees from the Nazis through war- torn Europe and Asiatic Russia. 528 pp. 28.99 hardcover 1656 The Scent of Snowflowers R.L. Klein As Hungarian Jewry is threatened by the Nazi horror young Rivka Leah and her family struggle for survival. A new paperback edition of a personal memoir. 520 pp. 9.99 paperback 6133 32 Jewish History Holocaust Inspiring Lives Daughter of Two Mothers Miriam Cohen This best-selling true account of a handicapped widows forced separa- tion from her infant daughter the years of searching the legal battle and the destruction brought by the Nazis. 540 pp. 28.99 hardcover 4463 Shefford Dr. Judith Grunfeld The true story of a Jewish community in evacuation during WWII. Written by the esteemed head of Londons Jewish Secondary School who over- saw the evacuation and education of 500 Jewish schoolchildren in the tiny village of Shefford England. 252 pp. 22.99 paperback 6059 A Sun and a Shield Devora Gliksman The miraculous escape during WWII of Rabbi Yosef Paneth the Illeander Rav and his family through the forests of Transylvania their trials and upheav- als and the ultimate triumph of their faith over the forces of evil. 374 pp. 26.99 hardcover 3003 The Klausenberger Rebbe adapted by Judah Lifschitz Out of the Nazi inferno came an incredible Torah leader Rav Yekusiel Yehudah Halberstam. He was a con- stant inspiration to his fellow Jews performing endless acts of kindness to heal the broken lives hearts and souls of survivors. 400 pp. 26.99 hardcover 6184 Heroic Children Noted author Hanoch Teller vividly chron- icles the incredible lives and experiences of nine survivors who were only children when they encountered the unimaginable turbu- lence and horrors of the Holocaust. Each story each voice though born of pain and suffer- ing is unique and ultimately triumphant in its own way. 325 pp. 26.99 hardcover 7178 Soris Story Devora Gliksman Sori Kraus Each stage of her challenging life escaping the Nazis settling in Eretz Yisrael and finally establishing her family in England teaches a new generation the lessons of devotion and belief that were key to her survival. Rich with historical and biographical detail as it chroni- cles wondrous events in traumatic times seen through the eyes of a child. 432 pp. 26.99 hardcover 6962 UNTOLD STORIES OF THE UNCONQUERABLE AN AMAZING LIFE OF SURVIVAL FAITH NEW Carry Me in Your Heart THE LIFE LEGACY OF SARAH SCHENIRER Pearl Beinish The fascinating biography of Sarah Schenirer and her students and pro- tgs who spread the light of Torah in pre-WWII Poland faced Hitlers inferno and revived Yiddishkeit in the Goldene Medinah. 471 pp. 28.99 hardcover 3806 The Holocaust A HISTORY FROM A JEWISH PERSPECTIVE Charles Sarway If youre going to read only one book about the Holocaust consider this one. Includes a chapter with a brief perspective based on R Avigdor Miller R Avrohom Kalmanowitz and R Chaim Ozer Grodzensky and others regarding the religious intro- spection in light of these events. 140 pp. 12.95 hardcover 6810 A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE TRAGIC EVENT NEW WHO IS THE BOY BEHIND THE NUMBER A Boy Named 68818 Israel Starck and Miriam Starck Miller This poignant gripping account of the extraordinary courage of a young boy in the Holocaust comes to life with the rich full- color illustrations of Gadi Pollack and Alex Firly. Also includes valuable educational resource material an historical overview of the war years maps timelines a chapter-by- chapter learning guide color coded to help tailor discussions to the specific needs of your personal social group. 346 pp. 27.99 HC 7227 22.99 paperback 7217 NEW FFeldheim Publishers