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Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch Collected Writings of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch Hirschs timeless and prolific exposition of Torah is an inspiration for us as it was for European Jewry a century ago. Translated from the original German The Collected Writings is a 9-volume series that includes the bulk of his philosophical writings. 189.99 hardcover 6467 The Book of Yeshayah A TRANSLATION AND COMMENTARY ON THE BOOK OF ISAIAH Julius Hirsch son of Rav S.R. Hirsch Julius Hirsch applied his fathers interpreta- tive method to the Chumash for his com- mentary to Sefer Yeshayah and has brought to light the timeless words of the Prophet in an original inspiring fashion. 627 pp. 29.99 hardcover 7197 The Nineteen Letters Writing under the pen name Ben Uziel Hirsch presents his penetrating view of Judaism in the form of a fictional correspon- dence between a philosophical rabbi and an intellectual youth. With extensive commen- tary by Rabbi Joseph Elias. 392 pp. 30.99 hardcover 2511 The Hirsch Tehillim Rav Samson Raphael Hirschs translation of Psalms with his unabridged commentary all rendered into English. 1024 pp. 32.99 hardcover 2697 The Hirsch Siddur Hebrew siddur with Rav Hirschs translation on fac- ing page and his classic commentary. Special focus on kiddush kedushah and berachos. 772 pp. 24.99 hardcover 1775 The Hirsch Pirkei Avos Chapters of the Fathers Rav Hirsch illuminates the ethical truths of Pirkei Avos with his unique outlook. Features the Hebrew-English text with English translation of the commentary. 180 pp. 17.99 compact hardcover 1322 Etymological Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew Rabbi Matityahu Clark A fundamental guide to understanding Rav Hirschs Biblical commentary. Analyzes the deep concepts inherent in Hebrew revealing how every words root contains profound connotations. 352 pp. 35.99 hardcover 1532 The Hirsch Chumash Since it first appeared nearly 150 years ago the Hirsch commentary on Chumash has gained worldwide popularity as an expansive work com- bining history halachah hashkafah and taamei ha-mitzvos. Now Feldheim presents this classic commentary in a masterful new English transla- tion designed to clearly and accurately convey the meaning of the original text in its entirety. Complete 5-volume boxed set - 200 hardcover 4868 Index to the Hirsch Chumash David H. Kerschen A comprehensive index divided by subject word and source with references to Nach Midrash Mishnah Gemara and Halachah. The sub- ject index is in English while the word index and source index are in Hebrew. Also includes an English cross-reference between the Hirsch Chumash and the Collected Writings set. 312 pp. 24.99 hardcover 7174 The Hirsch Haggadah The Haggadah with Hirschs commentaries on its Scriptural and Midrashic elements. Includes his most brilliant essays on Pesach themes and on the fundamentals of Judaism. 292 pp. 21.99 compact hardcover 1770 From the illustrious Torah scholar and leader of 19th- century German Jewry 4 Bible Commentary Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch NEW INDEX NEW FFeldheim Publishers