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Torah Town Find out what it takes to build a Torah town. From farms to mikvehs to amusement parks there are 100s of halachos to learn. With Gadi Pollacks whimsical illustrations. CFA -26.99 extra-large format HC 5396 The 39 Avoth Melacha of Shabbath Yoni Gersteins fabulous detailed color illustrations assist in understanding the many complicated laws involving the dos and donts of the Day of Rest. 45 pp. 26.99 extra-large format hardcover 3082 35.99 laminated pages hardcover 3078 My Friends-The Alef Beis An exciting introduction to the Hebrew alphabet with lively illustrations filled with objects that begin with the featured letter. A delight for children and anyone wanting to enrich their Hebrew. 50 pp. 26.99 extra-large format hardcover 4194 34.99 laminated pages hardcover 4225 The Katz Haggadah THE ART OF FAITH AND REDEMPTION illustrated by Gadi Pollack E. Markovich Beautiful and dramatic the Exodus comes to life through powerful and unique artwork that portrays the story through the lens of Chazal and Midrash. 120 pp. 26.99 large format hardcover 3682 34.99 laminated pages hardcover 4737 The Desert Diary Conceived and illuminated by Gadi Pollack What begins as a childs diary of day-to- day life in Kadesh Barnea continues with a young mans account of the wondrous mir- acles and challenging travails of the years in the Wilderness and ends on the threshold of our promised Land. Presented in eloquent prose and artwork that rivals the painters of the Renaissance period this book gives every reader the sense that he himself was among the Bnei Yisrael who left Mitzrayim. 29.99 extra-large format HC 7116 The Incredible Voyage to Good Middos Fabulous full-color illustrations and a humor- ous dialogue to teach humility sensitivity and character refinement to children and adults alike. Based on Orchos Tzaddikim. 68 pp. 26.99 extra-large format HC 1848 The Lost Treasure of Tikkun HaMiddos Island With the Gaavatanic sunk the shipwrecked passengers survive by working together and learning the lessons of good middos. 62 pp. 26.99 extra-large format HC 2200 The Terrifying Trap of the Bad Middos Pirates In double volume three and four the passen- gers are lured into the pirates lair where these middos mavens are confronted with new chal- lenges and difficult choices. 96 pp. 26.99 extra-large format HC 3843 Books by Rabbi Baruch Chait Gadi Pollack Dont Let Small Problems Ruin Great Simchas Rabbi Baruch Chait illustrated by Gadi Pollack Gadi Pollacks giant Rockwell-esque scenes capture all the humor happenstance and hijinks that could possibly happen at your next simcha. Rabbi Baruch Chaits creative and unique insights speak to all ages and direct readers toward a healthy calm attitude even when things dont go as planned. Nervous parents and their children will learn to be calm and focused and enjoy every gift they receive from Hashem to the absolute fullest extent. Heres where you will learn how NOT to lose it because the caterer made a mistake and the napkins do not match the tablecloth and heres where youll discover that your simcha can still be the greatest So to all baalei simcha we wish you a big mazel tov Relax focus thank Hashem and fully enjoy your simcha and the book Maarava Publications 36 pp. 24.99 jumbo format hardcover 7207 40 Junior Division Ages 9 to Adult Rabbi Baruch Chait Gadi Pollack NEW N FFeldheim Publishers