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GREAT FOR PRE-SCHOOLERS BENNYS COUNTDOWN TO SHABBOS THE PERFECT PRAYER PRIMER Story Time H. Shain translated by Bahtya Minkin illustrated by Gadi Pollack Clear easy-to-read language along with vivid full-color illustrations make this book the perfect choice to read to young children. Story Time was edited by child-devel- opment specialists in order to join pleasure with learn- ing. The stories are present- ed along with morals and an emphasis on good mid- dos. 96 pp. 19.99 large format hc 7125 Good Shabbos Benny Chani Fischman illustrated by Dena Ackerman What is Benny counting His Shabbos clothes of course Benny cant wait to get dressed for Shabbos. Join him as he hangs an additional piece of clothing on his bed each night. And when the most special day of the week finally arrives you can be the very first one to wish Benny Good Shabbos 40 pp. 10.99 hardcover 7074 When I Daven Yael Zoldan illustrated by Shira Allen What happens when we daven This superbly craft- ed book teaches children what we do when we pray namely by showing them that tefillah prayer connects us to Hashem. Through adorable color- ful illustrations simple but thoughtfully selected text and a great theme this is a perfect choice for young readers. 46 pp. 12.99 album-size hardcover 7064 Can You Eat Cholent With a Straw B. Grama illustrated by Gitty Delightful laugh-out-loud humor combine with amusing illustrations in a wholesome chi- nuch presentation. 30 pp. 12.99 hardcover 6808 Mish Mush 13 vols. by Shani Diamond Sarah B. Teleshevsky illustrated by Nissa Niasoff A delightful series of educational adventures with a host of adorable characters Join Mish and Mush and their family and friends as they explore Judaism in a fresh engaging and fun-loving way. The Mish and Mush series have enchanted children parents and teachers around the world. Bring delight to your chil- dren with these affordable books 40 pp. each 3.99 each pocket hardcover SEE THE EACH VOL. AT FELDHEIM.COM NEW We Can Do Mitzvos Around the Jewish Year Come join the fun as Jewish children and par- ents get involved in the holidays With live- ly rhymes and vivid illustrations heres an exciting book that introduces children to the months of the Jewish year. 40 pp We Can Do Mitzvos from Aleph to Tav Features brightly colored illustrations and terrific rhymes to teach the letters while describing vari- ous mitzvos. 46 pp. Aleph to Tav - 12.99 5219 Year - 13.99 7061 Shimmy Shambone Will NOT Go to Bed Hes playful energetic always ready to do a mitzvah... but not at all tired Join Shimmy in his newest book as he learns why sleep is one of the very important parts of a Jewish childs day Includes the Bedtime Shema. 37 pp. Shimmy Shambone Will NOT Take a Bath Pre-schoolers will laugh along with Shimmy as he learns an important lesson about the value of cleanliness. 26 pp. Bed - 12.99 7224 Bath - 11.99 7012 The Very Best Gift Genendel Krohn illustrated by Tirtsa Pelleg The famous Midrash about the Torah being offered to the various nations and being lovingly and eagerly accepted by the Jewish people is related in charming rhyme. 32 pp. 14.99 large format HC 4552 Chanukah Back in Time with Billy and Benny Yehudis Kormornick Billy and Benny go back in time to experience the Chanukah story to see what really happened. Join them on an action packed adventure in ancient Eretz Yisrael. 32 pp. 13.99 hardcover 6961 34 Junior Division Ages 3-8 I Love You Just Because Youre You Rochel Levy illustrated by Mary Chalme Abadi Esti Chaim Sara Leah and Dovi have not acted as they should and are worried about their par- ents or teachers reaction. What will they say Will they be upset Our children need reassur- ance encouragement and love especially when they have slipped up. This is one of the impor- tant ways in which we emulate Hashem. 10.99 hardcover 7193 WHAT THEY NEED TO HEAR NEW FFeldheim Publishers 2 SERIES BY YAEL ZOLDAN ILLUSTRATED BY ROBERT SALANITRO SHIRA ALLEN Shimmy Shambone We Can Do Mitzvos NEW