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A BEAUTIFUL UNIQUE TEHILLIM Rigshei Lev Women Tefillah PERSPECTIVES LAWS AND CUSTOMS Rabbi Menachem Nissel Clearly and concisely sets out the laws of tefillah that pertain specifically to women while presenting the special connection between women and tefil- lah that has characterized Jewish prayer since the days of our foremothers. 24.99 hardcover 2749 Between Me and You HEARTFELT PRAYERS FOR EACH JEWISH WOMAN Yitzchok Leib Bell This precious volume of prayers gives expression to the hopes and dreams of each Jewish woman. Here are prayers to sing with to cry over to believe in and to soar with. 351 pp. 13.99 pocket paperback 7117 Pathway to Prayer Rabbi Mayer Birnbaum A step-by-step guide to and linear translation of the Shemoneh Esrei. Contains 50 sugges- tions on how to improve concentration during prayer and the laws of praying the Amidah. Weekday Amidah Ashkenaz ........13.99 2609 Shabbos Amidah Ashkenaz.........14.99 3542 Shalosh Regalim Ashkenaz ......... 15.99 3871 Weekday Amidah Sephardic.........13.99 2611 Shabbos Amidah Sephardic........ 15.99 3418 Weekday Amidah Sefard..............13.99 5695 Shalosh Regalim Sephardic.........15.99 4375 Yamim Noraim Sephardic...........24.99 4138 Handy Pocket Edition Weekday Amidah Ashkenaz - 10.99 4937 LINEAR AMIDAH AN ELEGANT INSPIRING PEREK SHIRAH VOL. 4 - PRAYERS FOR PARNASAH Perek Shirah The Symphony of Creation Rabbi Daniel Worenklein A new two-color pocket edition of Perek Shirah featuring beautiful photos a new English trans- lation and insightful commentary based on tra- ditional sources from the Gemara Midrashim Rishonim Acharonim and students of the Baal Shem Tov zl. Also includes benching for sheva berachos bris milah and tellas haderech mak- ing it perfect for a special simcha. 224 pp. 16.99 each pocket HC white -6765 brown - 6766 Psalms That Speak to You A CLEAR AND MEANINGFUL TRANSLATION FOR OUR GENERATION Yitzchok Leib Bell A new translation of Tehillim designed to help all English speakers find themselves in the Psalms and say them with understanding and feeling. In a specially designed layout the Hebrew text is joined with a translation to which we can all connect. 800 pp. 29.99 hardcover 7258 Hirsch Tehillim Siddur The Hirsch Tehillim is Rav S.R. Hirschs translation of Psalms in accord with his interpretation and an unabridged commentary. The Hirsch Siddur fea- tures Hirschs unique commentary on the daily prayers with special focus on kiddush kedushah and berachos. Tehillim - 32.99 HC 2697 Siddur - 24.99 HC 1775 12 Jewish Prayer Conversations With G-d PRAYERS FOR JEWISH WOMEN Ruchi Koval Foreword by Rebbetzin Feige Twerski When the heart is full of grat- itude there is prayer. When the soul is full of pain there is prayer. When it seems there is no one to talk to or noth- ing to say there is prayer. This meaningful touching and deep book explains some of the most fundamental Jewish prayers as well as introducing new ones for contemporary Jewish women. Mosaica TBA hardcover ACCESSIBLE UPLIFTING ENRICHING NEW NEW Breslov Siddur Sefard Translated by Rabbi Avrohom Sutton The clear lucid translation to the sid- dur includes phrases to clarify the meaning and greatly expand compre- hension and awareness. With intro- ductions and insights from Rebbe Nachman Reb Nosson and other commemorators. 828 pp. 26.99 hardcover 7084 Gates of Prayer THE TEN TERMS OF TEFILLAH SPANNING THE SPECTRUM OF PRAYER Translated from Rav Shimshon Dovid Pincus bestselling Shearim BeTefillah that delves into the meaning and sig- nificance at the heart of each of the ten distinct concepts of prayer. 368 pp. 24.99 hardcover 6909 PrayerWorks Rabbi Noson Weisz Here is a fascinating exploration of the inner works of the mechanism of prayer and of how the Shemoneh Esrei the heart of Jewish prayer works flawlessly to bring our world to perfection. 24.99 hardcover 6172 Tefilla Creating Dialogue with Hashem Rabbi Reuven Leuchter Opens up the Nefesh HaChaim the monumental sefer of Rav Chaim Volozhin to our generation with focus on helping us refine our davening. 120 pp. 14.99 hardcover 6376 The World of Prayer Rabbi Dr. Elie Munk Newly updated this classic work opens your eyes to the beauty and meaning of the siddur It leaves the reader in awe of the depth of expres- sion and range of emotions inherent in the Jewish liturgy. 800 pp. 29.99 HC 1-vol.-ed. 6999 Praying with Joy 1-4 Rabbi Doniel Yaakov Travis Here is a series to elevate your prayers to infuse your daily living experience with joy and spiritual con- nection. The newest volume Praying with Joy 4 Prayers for Parnasah reveals how key prin- ciples of emunah and bitachon that make us worthy of receiv- ing sustenance are hidden in the verses of Parshas HaMann. volumes 1-3 5.99 hardcover vol. 1 256 pp. - 4864 vol. 2 288 pp. - 5974 vol. 3 Vidui 234 pp. - 6908 vol. 4 403 pp. - 7.99 - 7083 FFeldheim Publishers