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44 Hebrew Seforim Newly typeset edition of the classic of the Piaseczna Rebbe. Delve into his pure words of Torah chassidus emunah and bitachon which were originally presented during his Shabbos and Yom Tov addresses in the Warsaw ghetto. Also includes an in-depth elucidation of the lineage of the Rebbe. 12.00 hardcover 4135 Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto The classic hashkafah work by the Ramchal with Maamar Ikarim. Fully vowelized with marginal explanatory captions by Rabbi Yosef Begun. 12.00 hardcover 1467 With the commentary Shoham Yakar and Ataros to illuminate the words of the Baal Haturim. Seventh edition. 2-volume set. 45.00 hardcover 1138 A new edition of the awe-inspiring work by the illustrious son of the Rambam Rabbeinu Avraham includ- ing comprehensive footnotes. 22.00 hardcover 4792 This vowelized and annotated edition includes source material and shoul- der captions by HaRav Moshe Chaim Shlanger. The commentary weaves together explanation of the simple text with the deeper passages and also includes comprehensive indices by source and by topic. 478 pp. 24.00 hardcover 2383 14.00 compact hardcover 6348 An updated edition of the Ramchals classic work with commentaries by R Chaim Friedlander ztl and R Gavriel Zalishinsky shlita. Also fea- tures shoulder notes and a compre- hensive index. 24.00 hardcover 4799 Menukad edition of the classic sefer on middos. Corrected edition pre- pared from manuscripts by Gavriel Zelushinski. 308 pp. 7.00 hardcover 2550 HaRav Dov Ber HaKohen Maza A collection of prevalent Torah laws common to everyday life. Digested from Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim and Mishnah Berurah. 17.00 hardcover 3373 Rav Shlomo Zalman Braun First printed about fifty years ago this sefer answers many of the novel questions that arose in the last genera- tion giving insight into the difficulties and new realities faced by the Jewish nation in the pre-World War II era. 65.00 hardcover 2879 Great classics on mussar machsha- vah and chassidus now available in handy pocket-paperback editions featuring clear vowelized Hebrew. 4.75 each pocket paperback Shaarei Teshuvah - 6799 Mesillas Yesharim - 6798 Derech Hashem - 6790 Chovas HaTalmidim - 6768 Large-print Chumash featuring vow- elized Rashi script. Includes the commentaries of Onkelos Baal Haturim Ikkar Sifsei Chachamim and Toldos Aharonall vowelized. Large Edition 10.75 each hardcover Bereishis - 1378 Shemos - 1380 Vayikra - 1382 Bemidbar- 1384 Devorim - 1386 Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto The Ramchals rules of faith and avodas Hashem. A newly revised edition with shoulder captions to each paragraph by R Yosef Begun. Includes a special introduction and a section on the life of the Ramchal. 24.00 hardcover 3705 A newly redesigned and typeset edi- tion of the timeless insights and shiu- rim of the Piaczecna Rebbe on the parashah. 19.00 hardcover 6018 By the author of Ohr Sameach Meshech Chochmah contains an insightful and rich commentary on the Torah. The book now features additional sources and indexes of HaRav Avraham Avraham shlita. The preface to the sefer includes a short geneology of the author ztl. 14.00 hardcover 4111 Includes the Mevo Hashearim a gate- way which can only be entered by the ones who have learned through Chovas Hatalmidim as well as Hachsharas HaAvrechim. Includes Tzav Vezeruz which encourages us to utilize our time for kedushah and taharah self-intro- spection and rising in avodas Hashem. 10.00 hardcover 4080 Rav Kalonymus Kalmish Shapira From the Piaseczna Rebbe author of Chovas HaTalmidim. Rav Shapira called to establish groups of individuals called Bnei Machshava Tova to work together on improving individual mid- dos yiras Shamayim tefillah and more. 64 pp. 8.00 hardcover 4081 A world-renowned anthology this five-volume work is a virtual ency- clopedia of insights on the weekly parashah. Makes an excellent bar mitzvah gift. 5-volume set 70.00 hardcover 4793 A new edition of this classic col- lection of the commentary of the Vilna Gaon on the Chumash. This expanded edition contains 150 addi- tional pages. 22.00 hardcover 4752 NEW VOLUME Extremely comprehensive compi- lations of perushim on the Torah. 6 volumes. 43.00 hardcover 3613 Rav Hirschs peirush on the Chumash combines history halachah hashkafah and taamei hamitzvos into one magnificent pattern woven with his unique profound analysis of the letters root words and struc- ture of words found in Chumash. 21.00 each Bereishis - 6229 Shemos - 6715 Bemidbar - 7163 25.00 - Vayikra - 7015 Devarim Coming Soon Leads both teacher and student along the road of advancement in Torah and fear of Heaven. Inspires youth against laziness and low self esteem and teaches how to deal with negative character traits. 8.00 hardcover 4075 FFeldheim PublishersVisit to see an entire list of our Hebrew titles