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21Hashkafah Mosaica Press Were Almost There LIVING WITH PATIENCE PERSEVERANCE AND PURPOSE Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen HaChaim Zeh Lo Picnic Mishpacha author Rabbi Dovid Cohen shares his life experiences such as challenges in shidduchim work and rais- ing a special child. This book is a beautiful tapestry of faith vision and practical wisdom. Mosaica 24.95 hardcover Reality Check A HANDBOOK OF HASHKAFAH Yosef Segal Are our lives full of the joy direction and spiritual con- nection that Judaism offers What can we do to become a little more real The first step is to get greater clarity on why we do what we do and how it all fits together. Read this book and take that first step. Mosaica TBA hardcover Emunah A Refresher Course A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO DIVINE PROVIDENCE Rabbi Dovid Sapirman No magical leap of faith is necessary in order to believe. All we need is clear-think- ing as demonstrated in this incredible book. In this refresher course to emunah we will re-discover why we believe and will be able to daven and learn with ever- increasing levels of emunah and connection to Hashem. 227 pp. Mosaica TBA hardcover A FASCINATING JOURNEY GET EXCITED ABOUT JUDAISMMAKE EMUNAH ALIVE AND VIBRANT The Six Steps of Bitachon Life often seems like an unpleasant stress- ful and unending struggle. Does it need to be this way How much different would life be if we really knew that Someone was taking care of us Rabbi Chaim Goldberger has been studying practicing and teaching bitachon for decades and has developed a proven system to enable people to feel Hashems presence in their lives. 227 pp. Mosaica TBA hardcover The Soul of Jerusalem TEACHINGS OF R SHLOMO CARLEBACH compiled by Rabbi Shlomo Katz In this remarkable and life-changing work the reader is transported to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem to be inspired by the teachings of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach ztl. Masterfully adapted by Rabbi Shlomo Katz renowned musician and educator these teachings touch the soul. 208 pp. Mosaica 22.99 hardcover 7049 The Gift of Stuttering CONFRONTING LIFES CHALLENGES A PERSONAL JOURNEY This is a remarkable story of Moe Mernicks journey from despair to hope from anger at G-d to spiritual fulfillment from rebellious teenager to becoming a motivational speak- er and entrepreneur. He shows us how to find meaning within lifes challenges transforming the burdens into gifts. Mosaica TBA hardcover A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO DIVINE PROVIDENCE SEQUEL TO SOUL OF CHANUKAH OVERCOMING YOUR HANDICAP NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW This Too Is for the Best TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS FROM A TORAH PERSPECTIVE Yerachmiel Moskoff A fascinating encyclopedic and inspirational work that explains the challenges we face and how they are carefully designed to help us grow. 275 pp. Mosaica 19.99 hardcover 6916 In Search of Torah Wisdom Rabbi Yisroel Miller Why are Orthodox Jews so conservative How do we understand disputes between Torah giants How do we view Torah and science This inspiring work addresses issues rarely discussed presenting mainstream yeshivish hashkafah as it applies to our lives. Mosaica 22.99 hardcover 6711 Pillars of Faith A REASONABLE APPROACH TO THE FOUNDATIONS OF JUDAISM Pinchas Taylor In todays society Jewish beliefs and customs are often ignored and scorned. This book shows how a mod- ern thinking person can identify with traditional Judaism. 428 pp. Mosaica 29.99 hardcover 7114 A Book About You INDIVIDUALITY SOUL AWARENESS Rabbi David Green Are you a traveler Theres one destina- tion that surprisingly few people take the time to truly explore the soul. This dynamic book helps us explore this fascinating beautiful place that makes us who we are. Mosaica 24.99 hardcover 7212 Afterlife The Jewish View Jonathan Morgenstern R Sholom Kamenetsky An inspirational Jewish view on ideas such as life after death the soul and the future of the planet. Questions about the Afterlife Paradise and Reincarnation have intrigued human- ity since Creation. 108 pp. Mosaica 14.99 paperback 7037 Cremation or Burial Doron Kornbluth Analyzes the reasons people choose cremation pointing out many myths and misconceptions along the way and explains why throughout history Judaism and Jews have insisted on burial. 192 pp. Mosaica 14.99 paperback 6375 NEW NEW Catalog 2015-16 5776