Seder Tefilah (Hebrew Only)

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Every day we stand before our Creator, three times, to recite Shemoneh Esrei. The prayer begins with 3 blessings of praise and ends with 3 blessings of thanks. And in between, at the heart of the Amidah, are the 13 blessings of request for help in all essential areas of life.

Sefer Seder Tefillah draws upon a concept mentioned in the Rishonim… that these 13 middle blessings directly correspond to the 13 Attributes of Mercy (the Yud-Gimmel Middos Rachamim). With that foundation, the author develops an in-depth understanding of how each middle brachah relates perfectly with that particular middah.

Gleaning from Chazal and a range of Torah luminaries, Seder Tefillah becomes a profound source of basic Hashkafah and personal Chizuk. Clearly written, and accessible to all readers, this is a sefer that will inform and inspire your every Shemoneh Esrei, as it helps you appreciate and embrace the power of the daily Amidah.

A wonderous sefer which enlightens the eyes of those who daven and ignites the hearts with absolute fundamentals.

מתוך הסכמת הג"ר אברהם ברומבורג שליט"א, ר"י שער התלמוד

You merited to organize wonderous concepts with especial depth, beautiful and integrate able ideas.

מתוך הסמכת הג"ר שלום קמנצקי שליט"א, ר"י פילאדעפליא

I blessed a blessing of enjoyment... remarkably expansive knowledge in the important achronim... how praiseworthy we are that there are true Torah-rooted people in our generation...

מתוך הסכמת הג"ר שמחה בונים קאהן שליט"א, רב קהל עטרת ישעיה

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AuthorRabbi Yehuda Lindow
PublisherDistributed by Feldheim
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