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Working Toward Moshiach

An Inspirational Collection of Essays on Preparing Ourselves for the Final Redemption

by Roy S. Neuberger

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The world is poised on the brink of cosmic events. Will the coming years bring environmental disaster, G-d forbid? Catastrophic conflict? World flooding from global warming? Epidemics? Political chaos?

It is vital for the Jewish People and the world at large to know that the culmination of world history will be a time of spiritual and material peace in the world. These essays, originally published in the Yated Ne'eman newspaper, discuss the basis for hope and strength in the present chaotic world and demonstrate how we can all participate in the most important activity of our time: Working Toward Moshiach!

About the author:
Roy Neuberger has had an improbable, event-filled life. After earning Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in English literature from the University of Michigan, he studied at Balliol College, Oxford, England. He has been a National Park Service ranger and Fire Lookout, a New York City official, a journalist and newspaper publisher, a yeshiva administrator, a hedge-fund operator and now, an author and speaker. The story of his spiritual journey is told in his book "From Central Park to Sinai". He is also the author of "Worldstorm" and "2020 Vision".


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