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Truth on Trial

by Sarah Kisner

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Truth on Trial
2 editions available below.

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Tension filled the courtroom as the prosecution pressed its case against the Deblinger Trucking Company. Was Attorney Yoel Margulies defending a thief — or preventing a grievous miscarriage of justice?

Elisheva stared in fascination at the dazzling display of the latest styles. Her new friend Debbie seemed to know all the fashionable boutiques. Could she keep her values in the face of all this temptation?

Akiva was scared. He’d seen what the doctor had done. Was he destined to keep the truth bottled up inside him?

Sarah Kisner weaves a kaleidoscopic tapestry of the Jewish family’s deepest values. A must read for the entire family.

Sarah Kisner, author of Chocolate Liqueur, Oasis, With This Ring, Operation London, Race to the Top, The Legacy.


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