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The Value of a Pasuk

Comparing the Gematrios of Entire Pesukim in the Torah and Sefer Tehillim

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Undoubtedly, the gematria system itself is awe-inspiring; it is the golden key that grants us access to a treasure trove of breathtaking Torah insights. In its most common use, the gematria value of a single word is considered and used to reveal a deeper insight into the meaning of that word. Similarly, when two words or two phrases, even when appearing in different contexts, have the same numerical value, a connection or common denominator can often be found between the two. The gematria system has indeed been used in these ways by commentators of the Torah for centuries.

This original work presents a fresh, intriguing approach, using an innovative twist on the traditional gematria system. It draws parallels between entire pesukim having identical gematria, opening up a new window of Torah understanding.


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