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The Third Key

The Jewish Couple's Guide to Fertility

by Rabbi Baruch Finkelstein , Michal Finkelstein, RN, CNM

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The pain of infertility is heartbreaking, frightening, and a real test of faith. In this ground-breaking volume, couples can access the information, Torah outlook, and answers they need in a clear, practical manner. Questions raised include: How do we know if there is a problem? How can the Torah be a source of support? What can we expect at the fertility clinic? Where are the side effects of fertility medication? Can one live a fulfilling life without children? This book takes couples down the obstacle-strewn path toward fertility, discussing all factors that encompass difficulty conceiving. Topics discussed include: male fertility testing, IVF, adoption, niddah issues, faith, prayer, dealing with society, when to stop, choosing the right aregiver, producedures on Shabbos, being positive, and much more. This step-by-step, comprehensive guide is an indispensable tool for couples seeking fertility, but it will also be of great interest and benefit to relatives and friends of childless couples, as well as rabbis, therapists, and social workers.


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  • Tons of Information and chizuk L'halach

    • |
    • 7/28/14

    • |
    • S A

    I am currently reading this book, and I find it very powerful.

    It relates a lot of information very clearly with a lot of sensitivity.

    It directs every question that an infertility may hit.

    Before reading this book, I used to reach out to other sources, (people, rabonim, google) and found that this book has all the information and chizuk with mekorois in one source.

    I would really recommend this book.

1 Item(s)

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