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The Shmuz on the Parsha - Volume 1

Life Transforming Insights on the Weekly Torah Reading

by Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier

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Powerful Life-Changing Messages in a few, short minutes of reading!


The Shmuz is an engaging, motivating shiur that deals with real-life issues. Its unique style captivates listeners while inspiring growth and change - almost effortlessly!

The Shmuz on the Parsha packs the same powerful, life-changing message into a few short minutes of reading. It will allow you to motivate and inspire the people at your Shabbos table to greater levels of spiritual achievement and growth.


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  • Binding: Hard Cover, Large Format / 384 pages
  • Published by: Distributed by Feldheim

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  • Great book!

    • |
    • 2/27/11

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    • A viewer

    You’ve probably seen the bumper stickers, bold black letters announcing “The Shmuz.” They’re all over the place – Brooklyn, Queens, Monsey, Lakewood. Well, now, “the Shmuz” doesn’t have to be just a bumper sticker you pass on the road. “The Shmuz” is in your local seforim store.
    “The Shmuz,” as you might guess, is a mussar shmuz, but with a unique twist. Of course it draws on Torah, Gemara, and the meforshim, but it also weaves in lessons from science, history, and other fields to create unique and memorable mosholim. What does the history of Ringling Brothers Circus have to do with bitachon? What do bats have to do with finding a shidduch? If you listen to a Shmuz, you’ll find out. And most important of all, the mussar message will stick.
    The Shmuz on the Parshah book is just like the audio Shmuzin. Both have that same blend of Torah and modern-day mosholim that apply to real life – the thing that brings Shmuz fans like me back. Each parsha gets an essay of a page or two, perfect for reading at the Shabbos seudah, but personally, I read the entire book through in a few sittings, regardless of what parshah it was. When you read that much mussar in such a concentrated way, you can’t help but feel more spiritual afterward.
    That’s Rabbi Shafier’s signature style coming through. Even though he writes about lofty Torah ideas, he writes in ordinary language and never sounds like he’s “talking down” to you. If anything, he constantly reminds you of the great potential you as a human being possess. And that unique knack for putting the most spiritual of concepts into terms we can relate to is why his mussar works.
    “Why another parshah book?,” you might wonder. The answer is that The Shmuz on the Parshah isn’t just another parshah book. It’s a book for you and me about the life we’re living.

1 Item(s)

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