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The Satmar Rebbe

The life and times of Rav Yoel Teitlbaum zt"l-a close talmid's personal recollections

by Chaim Moshe Stauber

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The Story of the Satmar Rebbe… As only one man could have known it!


Many may have known the Satmar Rebbe, but Rabbi Chaim Moshe Stauber was the Rebbe’s personal hoiz bochur….close attendant and personal confidant, spending over 20 years in his radiant presence. Handpicked by the Rebbe for many important missions, he served the Rebbe until his final days.

This unique biography, not only chronicles the Rebbe’s remarkable life, but it invites you into the Rebbe’s innermost offices. Experience, first hand, the Rebbe’s tish, the awe of his Yom Kippur avodah, the uplifting hakafos on Simchas Torah. Understand his approach to the many raging issues of his day; learn from his great middos, and be inspired by his wisdom, passion, chesed, and sensitivity toward each and every Jew.

Beautifully written and lovingly told, this powerful biography - overflowing with warmth, wisdom, reverence, and inspiration – is destined to become a classic.


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Customer Reviews

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  • wow

    • |
    • 2/14/13

    • |
    • me

    A must in every home!.
    It's Amazing.


    • |
    • 2/10/13

    • |
    • lovetorah

    This book is a definite must read! The other captures the moments of the Gaon's life and lets the reader live it through. All will feel a deep awe for the Rebbe Z"L and will see what it is to serve Hashem with and his might and the love we should have for our fellow Jewish brothers and sisters.

  • Very un-stereotypical

    • |
    • 3/28/12

    • |
    • Jerry

    I read the book reluctantly when my friend told me I'd enjoy it.
    I was never a follower of Satmar and have quite a different background and view, especially as it relates to Israel. However, I must say after reading this book although I have not changed my views by any means, I did get for the first time a respectful appreciation for Satmar Rebbe Z"L.
    Very well written and quite palatable even for an ardent Zionist like myself.

3 Item(s)

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