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The Power Within You

Learning From the Life of Avraham Avinu

by Chaim Atik

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While all of creation was formed from nothingness, humanity was formed from the dust of the ground and the breath of G-d. In this respect humans are unique. Since they are created in the image of G-d, each person has tremendous inner power. Every human being has the potential to reach infinite spiritual heights and by perfecting himself, man has the power to affect the entire world.

This important book will assist you in discovering and actualizing the tremendous potential you possess. In this first volume in the series, the author masterfully imparts the vital lessons we can learn from the events in the life of our forefather Avraham. Avraham’s greatness developed through his discovery of G-d and his subsequent commitment to serve Him. Avraham’s faith and commitment became a genetic component of every one of his descendants. Therefore, by studying Avraham’s trials and triumphs, you too, can discover the great power within you.

Rabbi Chaim Atik is the director of Ahavat Nefesh, an organization dedicated to revealing the latent strengths within every Jew. Rabbi Atik has devoted his life to studying the soul and the power within each person and is an expert in helping people cope and ultimately thrive through their life’s challenges. Rabbi Atik’s involvement in Jewish education spans over 30 years, and through his extensive work with troubled youth, he has gained a keen understanding of emotional issues and their underlying spiritual components. He has guided countless people on their path towards emotional and spiritual fulfillment.


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  • An amazing book

    • |
    • 1/2/12

    • |
    • Ben Lions, Winnipeg

    Rare to find a powerful book like this.
    It changed my mindset about the traditional jewish culture.

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