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The Future: Guide to Messiah


by Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff

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The world is on edge. We read every day of radical regimes threatening the world. Anti-Semitism is on the rise and Israel is under the constant threat of annihilation from its neighbors.

Yet, every day, scientists are discovering cures for diseases that have long plagued mankind. Technology has opened up the world like never before. Poverty, disease and illiteracy are in the decline.

Which is it? Is the world on the path to inevitable destruction, or are we progressing to something very new and great?

In this fascinating work, Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff delves into these questions using Jewish sources that span thousands of years exploring such topics as:

  • The Four Exiles of Jewish history
  • The King Mashiach and his mission
  • Israel and Jerusalem at the End of Days
  • The War of Gog and Magog
  • The purpose of the World to Come
  • Resurrection of the Dead

Find answers, clarity, and inspiration in "The Future: A Guide to the Jewish Messiah, Israel and the End of Days."


"Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff has the unique ability to the convey the simple logic and beauty of a Torah centered life. Our generation is greatly in need of this book."

Rabbi Moshe Weinberger Rav of Aish Kodesh, Mashgiach Ruchani of RIETS

"… very enlightening ... [provides] clarity about the uncertain times we are living in. I highly recommend … for the advanced scholar and novice student alike"

Rabbi S.F. Zimmerman Rav of Gateshead

About the Author

Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff is originally from London, England. He graduated with honors in political science from Manchester University and then studied Torah for many years in Israel and New York. After receiving Rabbinic ordination, he was the official Rabbi of Birthright Israel in Manhattan for fifteen years. Presently, Rabbi Hajioff is on the full-time faculty of Stern College for Women. His previous books include the bestsellers Jew Got Questions and Will Jew Marry Me? Rabbi Hajioff lives in Monsey with his wife Anita and their five children. He can be reached via his website


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