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The Daf Yomi: A Pictorial History

From Rosh Hashanah 5684 (1923) until 14 Menachem Av 5772 (2012)

by David Avraham Mandelbaum

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Be Inspired by 89 Years of Daf Yomi History!


One of the most significant events in the Torah world in the past one hundred years was the adoption and implementation of the Daf Yomi learning program. This pictorial album lays out before the reader its entire history - how it began on Rosh Hashana of 1923 and its expansion throughout the Jewish world until the present day. This volume contains hundreds of pictures and rare documents that will bring the reader in touch with the Daf Yomi learners of yesteryear.

The story begins in pre-war Europe, continues through the Holocaust, documents the aftermath of that horrific period, following the trail of the Daf in the decades that have passed since then. It is possible to see a glimpse of the Hashgacha Pratis that guides the fate of our nation - for, even in the very worst of times for Klal Yisroel, there were thousands, even tens of thousands, of pages of Gemora that served as the rafts of salvation for the Jewish People in the midst of the raging tempest. Finally, in this album, the reader can absorb the words and the ideas put forth by the Gedolei Torah of the past few generations as they related to the Daf Yomi concept, and will become familiar, as well, with subsequent initiatives that are the offspring of the Daf Yomi.

Get ready for the story of the Jewish People and its inexorable tie to the Living Torah!


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  • Didn't read it, but sure it will be good

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    • 7/29/12

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    • Submitter

    I didn't read The Daf Yomi yet, but i'm sure that when i do, it will be fascinating. All in a beautiful book with pictures, you can see how Daf Yomi developed from a small program almost a century ago to the huge heights it has reached today, with thousands and thousands of Jews gathering to celebrate its completion every seven years. Wow! I can't wait to read it. :)

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