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Kabbolas Shabbos: Covenant of the Chosen

A New Exposition of the Kabbolas Shabbos Prayer

by Chaim Rubin

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That brief, sweet, and special time –KABBOLAS SHABBOS - will never be the same once you read this remarkable sefer!


The tefillos of Kabbolas Shabbos are a gateway – a majestic link – that joins the six-week-days to the sanctity of Shabbos. This unique sequence of prayers – from Tehillim, Lecha Dodi, Mizmor Shir, through Ma’ariv - encapsulates many monumental themes and ideas, and this remarkable book reveals these hidden treasures, making them accessible to all.

Drawing upon the teachings of our Sages in Talmud and Midrash, along with insights and anecdotes from Sages throughout the generations, the author weaves a wondrous tapestry, resulting in a book so inspiring, you will gladly turn to it time and again.

Particular care is taken to highlight the deep connection between Shabbos and redemption through Moshiach ben David; the reader is drawn to new heights in yearning for redemption. The Covenant of the Chosen provides insight on all of the chapters of Kabbolas Shabbos as well as extensive commentary on Lechah Dodi, and guides the reader through the Shabbos-enhanced Maariv prayer. Enter the world of Shabbos and experience true redemption.


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  • ISBN: 978-0-615-87714-3
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  • Outstanding

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    • 3/13/14

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    • Rubie

    This book can bring a person to new heights on Shabbos. Must Read!

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