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The Agent

A Novel

by G. Halevi

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International intrigue just shifted into high gear!


A young French boy living with his elderly grandmother in Eretz Yisrael stumbles upon top-secret intelligence hidden in a cookie tin and becomes the only witness to a nefarious string of crimes. Running for his life, he returns to France, only to be pursued by the GSS who seek to discover the whereabouts of this cookie tin - the safety of every deep-cover Mossad agent hanging in the balance - and by evil members of The Black Hand, dangerous gang intent on reaching the boy first and eliminating him.

Meanwhile, in London, Russian FSB agents plot to abduct a senior chemist and his Mossad contact but their shocking failure inspires the top brass to concoct a scheme that will topple and unveil covert Mossad agent s in Europe. Only a long-ago promise that one young agent pledged to his father on his deathbed has the power to save them all!

A mother abandoned for her pursuit of truth, a boy who craves Torah, cunning agents and dangerous criminals all converge in this fast-paced novel of suspense and intrigue. Based on real people, facts and missions, The Agent will keep you turning pages until the very end!


  • ITEM #: 7142
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • ISBN: 978-1-59826-083-0
  • Weight: 1.9690 lbs
  • Binding: Hard Cover / 490 pages
  • Published by: Distributed by Feldheim

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