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The 39 Avoth Melacha of Shabbath

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The 39 Avoth Melacha of Shabbath

by Rabbi Baruch Chait

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The 39 Avoth Melacha of Shabbath
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Give your kids an educational delight and a vast, practical, and really exciting grasp of the laws of Shabbos!

This bestelling book is a treasure lauded by parents, educators, and children alike. Celebrated artist Yoni Gerstein's comical and colorful illustrations demonstrate exactly what may and may not be done on Shabbos in an engaging, challenging way that kids just love. Each of the 39 Melachos, activities prohibited on Shabbos, is explored and elucidated in these large, full-color pages, down to the very tiniest detail. Your child will be a real Shabbos scholar after reading this book and odds are, you'll be borrowing it, too!

An ingenious design and clear format created by an experienced teacher with an eye to educational value and halachic accuracy make this book a must-have for every family.

Large format.


  • ITEM #: 162
  • Dimensions: 9 1/2" x 13 3/8"
  • ISBN: 162
  • Binding: 48 pages
  • Published by: Distributed by Feldheim
  • Illustrator: Yoni Gerstein

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