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Strive for Truth!

by Rabbi E. E. Dessler

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Strive for Truth!
2 editions available below.


Translated from the Hebrew Michtav M'Eliyahu, this beautifully written and designed work contains the compiled Mussar lectures of Rabbi Eliyahu E. Dessler. This major work of contemporary Torah thought has become a classic, studied worldwide by thinking people.


  • ITEM #: 126
  • ISBN: 126
  • Published by: Feldheim Publishers

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  • Be Prepared to Change Your Life Goals

    • |
    • 12/21/15

    • |
    • arik

    Materialism in and of itself is ultimately unsatisfying, if not outright destructive. At the very least material joy is fleeting and temporal. Use your limited time here wisely. Master your passions. Live an ethical and moral life using the written and oral Torah as a guide. Make a concerted effort to develop a spiritual connection with G-d by learning and emulating his character attributes (middos). Do good in the world. You will have a meaningful and fulfilling life both here and thereafter. (A highly recommended read. It is also worth rereading at least once a year.)

  • Beautiful!!!

    • |
    • 6/16/14

    • |
    • angel

    It´s a very nice book of Torah and wisdom in psychology and Philosophy.

2 Item(s)

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