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Sara The Bucket Filler

A Story About Showing Kindness and Being Happy

by Rivka Fishman

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Discover the World of Bucket Filling

Every person in the world has an invisible bucket that holds their good thoughts and feelings. When our buckets are full, that means we feel good about ourselves and we are happy. When our buckets are full, that means we feel good about ourselves and we are happy. When our buckets are empty, that means we feel bad about ourselves and we may become sad or angry.

Join Sara as she learns how to fill other people's buckets-by giving compliments, helping without being asked, expressing love, and being kind. You will discover, just as Sara did, that by filling other people's buckets, your own bucket also gets filled up. And that makes you - and the people in your life - happier and kinder every single day!


  • ITEM #: 7546
  • ISBN: 9781946351166
  • Weight: 0.6700 lbs
  • Binding: Hard Cover / 32 pages
  • Published by: Mosaica Press
  • Illustrator: Miriam Sin-Shalom

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Customer Reviews

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  • Brilliant book.

    • |
    • 9/9/18

    • |
    • Kay

    This book is amazing. My 2.5 and 3 year old grand daughters love Sara the bucket filler. This helps teach very young kids to do nice things for others. It teaches that doing good makes them feel good. This is a great concept that is really hard to comprehend. This book does it well.

    Thank you for this book.

  • Excellent book

    • |
    • 11/27/17

    • |
    • Leah

    Rivka Fishman has written a beautiful book with a wonderful message. It is the best children's book that I have seen with lessons on to cope with bullying.

2 Item(s)

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