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Rediscovering the Lost Self

A Guide to Healthy, Stable, and Sensible Teshuvah: Advice on Personal Growth and Shalom Bayis for the Ba'al Teshuvah

by Tiomkin, Rabbi Dan

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A Wealth of Wisdom for Every Ba'al Teshuvah!


This book is true to its name--a sensitively written, wise portrayal of the ba'al teshuvah's journey and how to maximize it. Written for the recent returnee as well as the fully integrated ba'al teshuvah--or even a frum-from-birth reader, this is a guide to reigniting that initial spark within and maintain a healthy balance in all areas of life. Discussing topics such as dealing with the religious community, schools, shidduchim, and children of ba'alei teshuvah, and with an entire section on shalom bayis, this is an important, comprehensive work. Rediscover your lost self; regain the inspiration; read this book to find out how!


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  • ISBN: 978-1-59826-527-9
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  • Binding: 222 pages
  • Published by: Feldheim Publishers

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  • Lifesaver

    • |
    • 7/4/11

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    • Free From Birth

    This book has brought so man people back their souls. We have lost touch with the stability in Judaism how it's meant to be a journey for each and every one of us personally. We think our feelings have no place, and we are simply meant to do what we're told. This book bring the "YOU" back into Yiddishkeit.

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