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Quick and Kosher

Recipes from the Bride Who Knew Nothing

by Jamie Geller

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This is the hilarious story of Jamie Geller, a spunky young TV exec who came into marriage and kosher cooking without knowing a spatula from a saucepan. Determined to master cooking, yet pressed for time, she was dismayed to find that most cookbooks consider an hour of preparation time quick, and presumed more culinary skill than many of us have. So Jamie set out to compile her own special collection of quick and easy recipes and Quick & Kosher is the result of her quest.

This one-of-a-kind cookbook contains more than 160 recipes requiring no more than 15 minutes to prepare, 120 full-color photos, clear step-by-step instructions, reliable prep and cooking times, tips and techniques, and advice on pairing wines with various dishes. Recipes range from traditional to exotic, and are well indexed and cross-referenced.

Several special sections such as "Setting up Your Kitchen," "Secrets of the 15-Minute Chef" and "Shopping Like an Expert" are the result of extensive insider interviews with food professionals who helped facilitate Jamie's path to culinary mastery. These sections offer practical answers to the questions you've always wanted to ask: how do I buy meat, fish, produce, groceries, and wine?

Is this a cookbook? An autobiography? A kitchen handbook for brides? It is all of these and more, for Quick & Kosher will amuse, inspire - and teach even skilled cooks a thing or two. "I wrote Quick & Kosher" says Jamie Geller, "because you and I are in the same boat. We want to serve up something tantalizing for dinner, but between kids, careers, and carpools, we have no time to patchka!"

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  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 10''
  • ISBN: 978-158330-960-5
  • Weight: 3.7800 lbs
  • Binding: Hard Cover / 368 pages
  • Published by: Feldheim Publishers

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Customer Reviews

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  • The Best Cookbook Ever!

    • |
    • 2/27/11

    • |
    • Rochel

    This cookbook is not only beautiful, it's filled with elegant, delicious recipies that are perfect for cooks who don't have a lot of time to patchke. Everything I've tried has been quick, fabulous, and has totally wowed my guests! The book is written in Jamie's unique style, with comments that are both entertaining and instructive. Quick and Kosher is a must for every cook's library!

  • Really quick kosher recipes

    • |
    • 2/27/11

    • |
    • Av Raham B Arias Ocampo

    Excellent book!!! I got this cookbook from a friend, to give me more ideas what cook for Shabbos. She said that this book will be very helpful, has new and varied recipes, and also there are some very healthy recipes. Some friends that read the book (and looked at the images) ask me where they can buy the book too.

    Best regards!!

  • Great cookbook!

    • |
    • 2/27/11

    • |
    • A viewer

    This is a terrific cookbook that fills an important niche. Most cookbooks are either too complicated, or the recipes are straightforward but uninteresting. These recipes are interesting, a bit unique (but not intimidating!), and most of all easy to follow. There is a minimum of "potchke" while still giving very nice recipes suitable for Shabbos or everyday. Bravo, Jamie Geller!

  • Must have cookbook

    • |
    • 2/27/11

    • |
    • Nancy

    I bought this cookbook online for a young newlywed who called me for cooking and recipe advice. When it arrived, I couldn't put it down. Jamie Geller has succeeded in creating a cookbook that reads like a collection of short stories. The recipes are, as promised, quick and delicious. The beautiful photographs are an added bonus. Unlike Jamie, I've been married for 36 years and have been cooking since I was ten years old. This cookbook is perfect for anyone who asks themselves, "What are we eating for dinner/Shabbos/Yom Tov?". I've bought a copy for myself and another three for gifts. Thank you Jamie!

4 Item(s)

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