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Praying with Joy, Volume 2

Preparing for Prayer

by Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis

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For many, Tefilla remains a challenging task, to treat and value properly, but this small, powerful volume will transform your tefilla experience – in just 2 minutes a day.

Divided into short, daily-study units, this convenient, pocket-sized text explores all aspects of properly preparing for tefilla. Also included: a section of inspiring insights into the Modim paragraph in the daily Shemoneh Esrei.

Whether you’re a newcomer to davening or have davened for years, this inspiring sefer will transform your tefilla experience.


  • ITEM #: 5974
  • Dimensions: 5 x 4 4/5"
  • ISBN: 978-159826-740-2
  • Weight: 0.6900 lbs
  • Binding: Pocket Hard Cover / 288 pages
  • Published by: Distributed by Feldheim

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